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A guide to Roof top swimming pool design and construction

With space at a premium in urban areas and cities, rooftop swimming pools are coming in vogue with architects and designers across the globe, be it London, New York, Paris or Dubai.

These pools, sometimes referred to as a lofted, elevated or high rise pools, pose a unique challenge in their design, installation and construction due to the weight loading imposed on the buildings structure. The physical weight of the water and the water retaining structure of the pool shell, not only of the roof top but the fabric of the floors below to support this design.

Historically this has been addressed using a panelled 316 stainless steel or liner construction to reduce weight over that of a concrete shell. Compass pools maxi rib range takes a step forward with it’s unique one piece composite construction and lends itself to this application due to the extreme lightweight design of the pools shell.

This construction applies cutting edge composite technology from the aerospace and motor-sports industry in the application of ceramic and carbon fibre. This reduces the weight of the water retaining structure to that of under 3 metric tonne on an 11m x 4m (35ft x 12ft) roof top pool suitable for up to 12 concurrent adult bathers in a commercial environment such as a boutique hotel, penthouse or apartment building.

When compared to stainless steel rooftop pool construction the weight is but a fraction and joins in the sections of the pool are eliminated completely with no onsite specialist skills required to ensure its water tight properties.
The range of designs in rooftop swimming pools with max rib technology extends up to 13.3m x 4.5m and are lifted by crane or helicopter in a unibody form. This ensure that the pool is watertight for its lifetime without joints or seams that risk failure and expensive maintenance costs.

The internal design of the pool shell is tapered to reduce water volume and thus weight giving the ability of additional water depth as rooftop pools are usually too shallow for taller swimmers to enjoy comfortably.

Compass rooftop pools filtration system utilises a unique pipe system that eliminates pipe work joints within the substructure and thus costly under crofts and service hatches whilst maintaining the purest water quality. Plant rooms can be assembled offsite giving a total lead time from order to installation of 6-8 weeks whilst time on site is just a few days.

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