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When is a bespoke pool not bespoke?

Bespoke is a term that gets banded about a lot in the swimming pool industry luring potential buyers into thinking that it’s in some way better. We explore the pros and cons of a bespoke pool.

First of let’s explore what a bespoke swimming pool is. It’s normally a design of pool specially designed to the user’s requirements. Sounds perfect doesn’t it. Ask yourself this, why can’t you buy a bespoke car or yacht, not options but size.  Specify you want it 2.1m wide by 4.7m long with 12 seats.

Essentially because all new cars have millions spent in research and development of the chassis or hull in the case of a boat and most importantly rigorous testing.  Sure you can change the colour, the wheels. The interior and options. But you can’t change the core engineering for good reason. You don’t want to be a guinea.

Let’s compare this to the bespoke swimming pool. Who has done the testing on this, your very expensive, shinny new pool? Well no one. You will be testing it when it’s built. You specified some beautiful new tile type not yet installed by the pool installer. How do they know it’s compatible with pool water. How do they know the circulation system is going to work effectively in your guitar shaped pool? They don’t but you will find out once it’s built! We oversimplify this statement as there are literally thousands of variables.

As the largest installer of pools in the UK we know not to test products on our customers first. Are our pools bespoke? Well no more or less than a bespoke Bentley or custom Aston Martin in fact there are over 32000 colour, size, option and finish variations. We have never built 2 pools the same but we have built swimming pools with every single option fitted and rum them through testing.

So while you cant have a guitar shipped pool, you can certainly have one that is going to be reliable and stand the test of time backed by our industry leading warranty that is backed by our global parent company.

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Building a pool?Don't go without your brochure

To learn more about our services, we will send you a free copy of our latest brochure.