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Brand New Counter Current system available for Compass Pools

Compass Pools UK is pleased to introduce our new counter-current swimming system.
The health and fitness benefits of swimming are one of the principle reasons behind the decision to invest in a Compass Pool according to many new owners. The one drawback over a private domestic pool compared to a public pool is that they tend to be much shorter in length, which means that a swimmer using the pool for exercise has to make more turns for the same distance swum.
There is a clever solution to this in the form of a counter-current swimming device, which generates a high-flow current which a bather swims against. The effect is similar to a runner using a treadmill, i.e. one can swim for many hundreds of metres against the current without leaving the same spot or, more crucially, having to make any turns. There are two versions supplied and installed by Compass Pools, which can be fitted to any of our pools. The simple and lower-cost option is a simple over the wall device which drives water via a high output pump through an adjustable nozzle. However, for the ultimate in swimming experiences, then the product to specify is a ‘Fastlane’ by the world renowned Endless Pools company. The Fastlane utilises an enclosed propeller to deliver the current, and provides a much broader and deeper stream to swim in. Endless Pools are used by many of the world’s top swimming coaches and Triathletes as a training aid due to the higher-quality, more natural stream generated.
Both types of device are adjustable to cater for the needs of swimmers with differing swimming abilities and strengths. As you’ll see from watching our demonstration video above, the effect allows you to swim continuously for as long as one likes without leaving the same spot.
Why not come and try it for yourself? There is a unit fitted on the demonstration Compass Pool at Waterstream Leisure’s show-site at Handcross near Gatwick Airport.
Give the team at Watersteam a call on 08444 870595 to arrange an appointment to take a test-swim. And don’t forget to bring your swimming costumes!

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