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Deck Jets

Deck jets are just one of many water features you could add to your pool. These can transform a swimming pool from ordinary to extraordinary, and are one of the most affordable water features you could add to your pool.
However, despite the fact deck jets are relatively cheap when compared to other water features they most definitely don’t look cheap. Compass Pools offer deck jets as an optional extra, so if you want to give your swimming pool the ‘wow’ factor, deck jets are a top choice.
We can mount standard deck jets into the pool deck, on the sidewall of your pool, or install them in the surrounding landscape. Deck jet fittings are discrete, flush to the ground, and almost out of sight, so to the casual observer, it appears as if the arc of water appears from nowhere. Inter-changeable eyeballs allow for plenty of different water effects – choose from different entry points, overlap your water streams, or even create multi-stream arcs.
Compass deck jets can be operated from a valve, or via an electronic remote control panel.
Why Choose Deck Jets?
Soaring arcs of water from strategically placed jets add visual interest, no matter what type of swimming pool design you opt for. We can install deck jets in outdoor swimming pools or indoor pools – either way the addition of some deck jets can add a touch of style to your pool.
Deck jets are also enormous fun. Kids love to play under the gentle fountains of water arcing into the pool with a splash. They can play games, dive through the arcs of water, and enjoy an impromptu shower.
Deck jets are highly adjustable. You can play with the angle and projection of your deck jets to produce greater arcs of water into the pool. You can also use coloured LED lighting in combination with deck jets to create some superb special effects. Imagine how fantastic this would look at night time – your pool parties will be far more exciting if you add water features such as deck jets and stainless steel waterfalls.
A Quality Water Feature
Compass Pools deck jets are a top quality design. They operate at a low water pressure so there is minimal impact on your pool pump performance. This will help ensure you don’t end up paying any more on your energy bills and reduce the likelihood of premature pump failures due to worn out parts. The design of our deck jets also minimises any standing water in the system, so you don’t need to worry about any unwanted debris build up.
Deck jets are just one of the many exciting water features offered by Compass Pools. You can choose one water feature when you pick a swimming pool design, or have several different water features installed – the choice is yours. If you would like any more information about deck jets or any other optional water feature offered by Compass Pools, give our knowledgeable team a call today.

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