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EcoFresh Air Handing for Indoor Pools

Air handling systems are an essential addition to rooms with an indoor pool. These work by removing potentially damaging moisture from the building structure, keeping the pool room pleasant and comfortable to swim in.
There are two types, one recycles the air in the pool room. Cooling it down to condense the air removing the moisture then heating it back up again. This is done using an electric compressor and refrigerant gases. These are often called heat pumps, but should not be confused with the energy efficiency air source or ground source variety, as cooling the air and heating it up again using electricity is the most expensive way, in fact with current energy prices its 5x more expensive than gas.
The second type (EcoFresh) uses the naturally dry air we have in the UK and a heat exchanger to recover the heat from the stale moist air going out that would normally be recycled, with the dry clean air coming in. This saves on the need from a power hungry electric compressor. The heat exchanger is 75% efficient leaving only a 25% shortfall in air to heat using gas. This equates to far less than the energy required to run the compressor and a much more pleasant fresh air environment.
Both systems use fans to move the air, cheaper system will use a stepped speed fan while the EcoFresh uses a full variable speed fan adjusting the speed down to the nearest RPM needed to keep the pool with fresh dry air. This is coupled to an advanced touchscreen brain that monitors the moisture level and adjust the fans to keep their maximum efficiency.
When the EcoFresh is coupled with a Compass automatic pool cover, the system reduces the temperature in the pool room automatically to save energy.
In addition to the air handing unit the EcoFresh can be coupled with low friction EcoDuct so the unit does not need any more fan speed than required. This can also be lined with MicroBan™ insulation so the air is kept clean and warm whilst in the ductwork.

Scent your swimming experience

molton-brownTurn your indoor pool into a tranquil spa experience with our optionally integrated aromatherapy system gently adding Molten Brown aroma into your pool room whilst you are swimming.

Questions to ask your air handling supplier.

  1. Can the fan speed be controlled to the exact RPM or is it stepped?
  2. Does the unit have a heat exchanger to extract energy from the exhausted air?
  3. Does the unit have a logging function and touchscreen to track history so setting can be fine tuned to the building?
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