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Energy Saving Pump

Traditional swimming pool pumps aren’t always effective at powering additional pool features. Compass Pools’ energy saving pump guards against this, providing you with the extra juice you require to power any and all additional pool options you might want.
Regular swimming pool pumps are either on or off. When they are switched on, they can be noisy and expensive to run. They also tend to wear out fairly quickly because there are a lot of moving parts. One they thing they are, though, is cheaper. But despite this, an IntelliFlo pump is still a much better choice – and here’s why.
The Smartest Pump in the World
The IntelliFlo energy saving pump from Compass Pools is far more powerful than a standard swimming pool pump. Billed as the ‘world’s smartest swimming pool pump’, the IntelliFlo pump has an onboard computer system installed with innovative software that automatically adjusts swimming pool flow requirements in order to reduce your energy costs wherever possible. Routine pool tasks are monitored closely and if more energy is required for short bursts of time – for example if you turn on your waterfall or deck jets feature for a party – the Variable Flow Pump self-adjusts to ensure flow rates are optimal.
Be Kind to the Environment
Standard swimming pool pumps can consume huge amounts of electricity over the course of one year; often as much as every other household appliance combined. Obviously this is not great for your pocket, but it is also bad for the environment. Because of this it makes sense to try and reduce your swimming pool related energy expenditure where possible, which is where the IntelliFlo pump really comes into its own.
Peace and Quiet
Unlike a standard pump, the IntelliFlo swimming pool pump is incredibly quiet. In fact, it is so quiet that you probably won’t even be aware it is running.
Main Features of an IntelliFlo Swimming Pool Pump:

  • An in-built diagnostic system protects the pump from the main causes of premature pump failure, including freezing, overheating and voltage irregularities.
  • The innovative magnetic motor design of the IntelliFlo pump means reduced noise levels, which is an advantage with indoor swimming pools
  • Use of an IntelliFlo pump can reduce energy consumption by as much as 90%
  • Highly efficient magnet motors mean less wear and tear on pump components, so your IntelliFlo pump should last a lot longer than a standard swimming pool pump

The IntelliFlo energy saving pump from Compass is a vastly superior pump. It is more expensive than a standard swimming pool pump, but when you factor in the significant savings to be made on your energy bill, plus the longevity of the pump, it will have paid for itself within a few years at the most.
For more information about the benefits of the IntelliFlo pump, call Compass Pools today.

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