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How to Design Your Pool for an At-Home Spa Experience

Your home is your place to escape to and restore your mind and body, and when it comes to improving your wellbeing, few things are as effective as a trip to the spa. So why not bring the spa experience home with you, where you can indulge in a luxurious soak whenever the mood strikes or enjoy a spa weekend in the comfort of your home with your friends?

Even the smallest space can be transformed into a luxurious environment where you can enjoy the restorative effects of a spa pool in your very own home. From ambient lighting to choosing the right type of pool and adding in bespoke features, here are a few ways you can create that luxury at-home spa experience for yourself.

Install in-pool seating

You won’t always want to be actively swimming in your luxury pool, and one of the most enjoyable parts of a spa experience is simply sitting and soaking up the relaxing atmosphere. That’s where having in-pool seating and ledges as part of the pool design can be really useful, giving you and your guests somewhere to sit and chat or enjoy a drink in between swims. Whether you choose to install a ledge in the shallow end of your pool or have in-pool furniture for lounging and relaxing, both options are a great idea for that all-important luxury feel.

Opt for the very best filtration system

You want the water in your pool to be of the highest quality for your health and make your pool time a more enjoyable experience. This requires a great filtration system to remove unwanted particles and debris from the water, so you have healthier water without the impurities. 80% of the maintenance of your pool is performed by your filtration device, so it’s not an area you want to skimp on. While an indoor pool won’t gather as much debris as an outdoor pool, it does still require a filter to keep the pool sanitary and improve the water quality.

Swimming pool lighting

From LED lighting to instantly change the atmosphere to poolscapes with audio features and fire features for outdoor pools, there are numerous ways you can now customise your pool to create the right ambiance. LED lights can be embedded within the design to highlight the shape of the pool, or synchronised with audio features, adding a dramatic and unique effect to your pool design. Automating your lights gives you more control over the ambiance of your pool area throughout the day and into the evening, so you always have the perfect mood set.

Set the scene with soothing water effects

Creating the perfect spa experience is all about setting the right atmosphere, and elements such as water features can make all the difference. It’s a simple but highly effective way to create a truly memorable spa environment that your family and friends will enjoy time and time again. In-pool jets or waterfall features are dramatic and add a fun visual feature, but they also add a hydrotherapy element to your pool to help you relax and unwind. From the feel of rushing water to the soothing sounds, these water features are the perfect addition to an overall luxurious and tranquil space.

Choose an infinity pool

The look of the pool is just as important as the practicality, and the style of pool you choose can go a long way to creating the right look and feel. A spa environment is all about indulgence and opulence, and nothing shouts luxury quite like an infinity pool. These pools give the illusion that they have no boundaries, with the water seemingly disappearing into the surrounding landscape. If you’re creating a spa experience outdoors, an infinity pool can be an effective way to create that show-stopping look.

Install a pool-side shower

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces, a pool-side shower is ideal for enhancing that hydrotherapy element to your spa pool and provides somewhere for you and your guests to rinse off before and after you spend time in the swimming pool. It allows you to warm up or cool off, depending on the season, and keeps your pool cleaner too. A shower is more than just a functional element though. It also helps to maintain an elegant aesthetic by the pool and creates an overall feeling of quality and luxury.

Use mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles look absolutely stunning, and they evoke that classic spa look. However, they’re not always the most practical option, because they can harbour bacteria. At Compass Pools, we’ve created a solution that gives you the same look of those elegant mosaic tiles but without the risk to pool hygiene. Since our pools have no grout lines for bacteria to build up in, there’s a continuous surface that makes them a safer choice. Using high temperature glass tiles, our tiles are durable, frost-resistant and inhibit the growth of bacteria, so you get the look you want without the downsides.

Think about materials

Materials make a huge difference to the look and feel of a swimming pool, so think carefully about the materials you want for the pool itself but also the pool surround. A palette of timber, stone and polished concrete or ceramics can all be utilised to create a luxurious, indulgent feel to your spa pool and are commonly used in commercial spa environments for the texture they bring to a space to make it feel inviting and tactile. Colours can also be used to this effect. For example, we use gel-coat systems that create a translucent, holographic effect to your pool for brilliant visual appeal.

Designing a luxury spa pool for your own property is an exciting challenge to take on, and there are various ways you can customise your pool to make it a relaxing, indulgent and calming place to be. Whether you choose a luxury outdoor pool or you go classic with an indoor spa room, you can create the right atmosphere with lighting, water features and dark colours that give you that cocooning feel. Add in special touches such as seating and showers, and you’ll have a space that feels rejuvenating and beneficial to your wellbeing.

Our experienced team are on hand to help you with the whole process, from designing your spa pool to the installation, so why not contact us today to discuss the options?

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