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Luxury pool trends on the rise for 2023

If you’re already planning your garden for the summer season, a swimming pool is the ultimate addition that adds glamour, sophistication and luxury. The functionality and look of a modern pool is constantly evolving to suit the needs of homeowners in the moment, so with this in mind, here are some of the popular trends you can expect to see in 2023.

Poolscaping with lighting

One of the easiest ways to add style and ambiance to your swimming pool is with lighting, and that’s precisely what more and more homeowners are looking to do this year. You can add lights to your existing pool or, if you’re designing one from scratch to be installed this year, have them incorporated into the design. You don’t need to choose plain white lights – LED lighting comes in a variety of colours so you can change the mood of your outdoor pool at the flick of a switch.

Coloured pools

You may have an image in your mind of a classic swimming pool with white or grey tiling and bright blue waters, but the style of pools has changed considerably in recent years and now there are so many colours, shapes and sizes to choose from.

More people are choosing different colours for their pools, in particular, darker colours which add drama as well as heat retaining properties. Choose from deep greens and black to our unique Nova range of gel-coat colours which add a holographic effect for a beautiful pool that stands out as a unique feature in your garden.

Saltwater technology

Saltwater pools have really taken off in the last few years and are now one of the most popular pool styles. A gentler option that’s kinder to your skin and hair, and the environment, saltwater pools are also more economical to run. While they may give the impression that the amount of salt in the water will be harsh and overpowering, that’s not the case – the water is still mild and it’s an option that will pay for itself over time.

Infinity pools and waterfall features

Water features are a great way to add interest and hydrotherapy benefits to your pool. From jets in a plunge pool to fountains that lead into infinity pools, water features elevate a standard pool into something truly special and they can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Jets and fountains add a soothing sound quality to your pool to enhance the atmosphere of your swimming pool, creating a spa-like feel.

Tanning ledges

On the subject of spa-like pools, tanning ledges have become a popular addition to create a luxurious spot to catch some rays or relax without needing to be submerged in the water. Tanning ledges are set in the water but elevated so you’re sitting in just a few inches of water, which doesn’t just provide a great spot to enjoy the sunshine but also provides a safer space for young children or those who don’t feel comfortable swimming in the deep end.

Mixed materials

One of the top trends for 2023 is the combination of materials and finishes for swimming pools which enable homeowners to create their own unique look. The trend in coverings is mixing natural stone with synthetic materials, which is both modern and rustic.

You can incorporate this trend into your own pool by choosing our ceramic-coated pools with synthetic surrounding panels, or large natural stone slabs which make for a great flooring option that’s non-slip. Keep the hues similar to ensure that the final look is cohesive and flows smoothly.

Sustainability and ecological pools

Climate change has meant that we’re a lot more conscious of our impact on the environment now, and that includes our water usage. Naturally, a swimming pool requires a large quantity of water, so homeowners who want a pool on the property have been seeking ways they can enjoy the benefits a pool offers without having too much of a negative impact on their surroundings.

Eco-friendly options, such as natural pools, are a good compromise that are great for the environment, wildlife and eco-systems. But it’s also becoming increasingly popular to retrofit existing pools with water treatment equipment which are more efficient and effective.

Themed pools inspired by your travels

If you’re looking to set your home apart from others in the area, there’s nothing better than a themed swimming pool. There’s so much inspiration to be found in spas, hotels and luxury resorts, but also from global destinations like Bali and Italy. Maybe you’re looking to recreate your own tropical hideaway inspired by a memorable holiday abroad, or perhaps you want to create that feeling of a five-star resort in your own home with spa detailing and a luxury feel.

Picture your favourite destination and pull details that you can include in your own pool design. For example, maybe you can include glass tiles around the edge of your pool to evoke that classic spa look, or the colour scheme of your favourite resort with surrounding landscaping for an exotic feel.

Pool automation

Automation has found its way into various areas of our lives, and swimming pools are no exception. Pool system automation makes it much easier and more convenient to keep your pool looking its best and keeping the energy use down, enabling you to turn the features of your pool on and off remotely, such as the jets or lighting or the heating function. Smart home technology has evolved considerably over the last few years and the great news is that this trend isn’t limited to new pools – it can be added to older pools too.

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These ideas and trends don’t need to be used individually – in fact, combining them can be a great way to add value to your home and increase the functionality of your swimming pool. From colours, materials and water features to themes that add fun and excitement to a standard pool, you can create a home swimming pool that has the wow factor and is right on trend.

If you’ve been inspired by any of the pool trends listed in this blog, and would like to discuss having them incorporated into your own swimming pool design, get in touch with the team at Compass Pools today and we would be happy to help. We have many years’ experience in creating luxury pools for our clients that are beautiful, practical and durable.

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