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Salt water pool

Salt Water Swimming Pool

Saltwater swimming pools deliver clean, fresh pool water without the hassle of a traditional chlorinated pool. Our saltwater swimming pools are the perfect solution for customers who want to spend more time enjoying their new pool instead of cleaning it.

How Does a Salt Water System Work?
In many ways a salt water pool is no different to any other type of swimming pool. The purpose of the salt element is to reduce the number of microorganisms in the water, but a salt water swimming pool is not chlorine free. Instead the salt water system makes chlorine through a process of chemical electrolysis. The main advantage of this type of pool system is that you won’t need to worry about adding chemicals to the water. There is also no need to buy and store chlorine compounds when you have a salt water pool, which is a lot safer if you have small children.
To make things nice and easy for customers who choose to have a Compass salt water pool installed, we use IntelliChlor chlorine generator pumps in all of our salt water swimming pools.
IntelliChlor pumps use regular table salt (sodium chloride) to produce all the chlorine your swimming pool needs to ensure the water is safe, clean and sparkling. Instead of buying chlorine compounds to sanitise the pool, you can let your IntelliChlor pump manage the pool’s chlorine levels instead. Regular table salt is added to the water – approximately 1 tsp of salt per gallon of water. As the pool water passes through the generator cell inside the IntelliChlor pump, it is converted to chlorine and distributed throughout the swimming pool. The IntelliChlor pump continuously recycles the salt in the water, which ensures that your pool stays clean and hygienic, day after day.
An IntelliChlor pump is very easy to manage – just select one of five sanitising levels and let the pump take care of your chlorine levels. You can keep an eye on salt, water flow, sanitiser output, and if anything needs adjusting all you have to do is press a couple of buttons.
What are the Benefits of a Salt Water Pool?
The main benefit of a salt water pool is that it is easier to manage. You can save time by installing a IntelliChlor salt water pump system as it makes pool management a dream. However, it is important to remember that a salt water pool is not a chlorine-free pool, so if you have any health concerns about chlorine levels, you may wish to look into UV disinfection systems, which can be added to salt water pools to lower the chlorine levels and improve water quality.
Please note: we will upgrade all stainless steel fittings to marine grade 316 stainless steel when we install a salt water system in your new Compass swimming pool.
If you would like more information about salt water pools and the IntelliChlor pump, call the team at Compass Pools today for some expert advice.

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