Luxury Swimming Pools installed in the UK from £60'000 inc vat

Self Cleaning Pool

Many people object to buying a pool due to the maintenance work required. After all, you buy a pool to use it, not clean it! Compass Pools’ Vantage Self Cleaning System takes the stress of cleaning your pool away, leaving you to sit back, relax and enjoy your pool.  
 This system places water jet nozzles into the floor of the pool to systematically sweep the dirt into the mdx main drain to take it to a convenient basket just like emptying a vacuum cleaner. This not only ensures your pool is sparkling clean every time you want to use it but has a number of other benefits.

Reducing the amount of chemicals in your pool.

Just like a river bead the floor of your pools in continually circulating, this eliminates stagnant water and reduces the ability to for algae to grow. This also enables the full volume of the pool water to go though the filtration system and optional UV to kill bacteria without chemicals.

Reducing the heating costs in your pool.

With a conventional “suck and blow” filtration systems hot and cold spots develop in segments of your pool, in particular if you have a solar cover fitted this will get extremely warm underneath but provide no benefit to more than a foot under the surface. With vantage self cleaning system this thermal current is distributed evenly within the pool to maintain an overall temperature increase.

Clearing dirt from your pool.

The vantage system works using rotating nozzles that will start at one end of the pool and using the patented water valve will systematically move the dirt from one end of the pool to the other until it gets to the “collection zone” where it is swept away to the Debris Canister and unique A.D.R. (Automatic Debris Removal). This system helps prevent clogged filter situations by preventing large dirt from entering the pump basket from the floor of the pool.

Getting in all the crevices

The vantage plus system is standard in all pools in the UK. This places additional nozzles on the steps of your pool to ensure any sand or grit taken in by tiny feat I clear away automatically.

Optional Cover System.

Those customers who opt for an automatic cover can additionally specify the Cover Cleaning system. The places two nozzles within the cover housing to sweep away dirt that accumulates from off the cover. This is especially useful in the autumn when the leaves from the trees are falling.

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