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Why an Automatic Pool Cover is Worth the Investment

Adding a swimming pool to your home is an investment that offers so many benefits, from the ability to exercise whenever you want to a place to spend quality time with your family and added value to your property. But you want to take the best care of that investment as possible, so you can continue to enjoy it for many years to come. An automatic pool cover is one of the best ways to protect your pool and keep costs down in the process.

Cost-saving in the long term

It may seem counter-productive to spend money to save, but that’s precisely what a pool cover can do. It helps to save you money on water, chemicals and heating for your outdoor swimming pool. When you cover a pool, you reduce water loss which saves you money on filling the pool back up, but it also means that you’re not wasting money refilling chemicals that have been lost due to evaporation.

The chemically treated water won’t need to be replaced as often, keeping costs down, and you won’t need to spend as much on heating the water as you’ll essentially be covering the pool with a blanket to trap heat in. Automatic covers also reduce the amount of energy required for filtration, so you can save as much as half of your electricity usage simply because the filtration equipment won’t need to be used as often.

Prevent evaporation

One of the primary benefits of using an automatic pool cover is that it acts as a vapour barrier to prevent evaporation of your outdoor pool. Automatic covers rest largely on the surface of the pool, so there’s little space for evaporation to occur. By using an automatic cover, you also reduce the amount of energy needed to filter the pool, since there’s less dirt and debris that can get into the water.

Ease of use

Most swimming pool covers are awkward to manage, and they’re time consuming to put on and take off, so you’re less likely to even use them in the first place. An automatic pool cover takes the hassle out of keeping your pool clean and free from leaves and debris – it’s all done at the press of a button. Automatic pool covers are convenient, easy to use and they make protecting your swimming pool that much easier.

Create a safer environment

Safety is paramount with any swimming pool, and a pool cover is one of the safest ways to cover the area. An automatic cover actually creates a barrier over the pool when it’s closed, so pets, young children and non-swimmers aren’t at risk of falling in. You can consider a pool cover as an effective way to protect those spending time outdoors when your pool isn’t in use.

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Improved energy efficiency

Your pool cover acts as a thermal blanket, trapping heat in to improve the energy efficiency. If you have a heated swimming pool, you’ll know that the extra energy required increases your utility bills. Using a pool cover saves a significant amount of energy and therefore keeps your bills lower, while still enabling you to enjoy your pool.

A durable alternative to classic covers

One of the reasons that automatic pool covers are worth the investment is that they’re far more durable than a standard pool cover. Made from high quality materials such as stainless steel and aluminium, as well as durable fabrics and other electronic features, they’re far more likely to last longer. In fact, the long warranties included with many products are a testament to the durability they offer.

A cleaner swimming pool

A garden pool can quickly become filled with leaves, twigs and other plant debris, which means you need to spend more time cleaning and maintaining it. Not only does this take time out of your routine, but the presence of organic matter can wreak havoc on the chemistry of your pool water and affects its appearance.

Protect the pool from the elements

An automatic pool cover will keep the water clear and clean, and stops insects and wildlife from getting into the water. It will prevent algae from forming on the surface and blocks out the sun’s rays which can impact the concentration of chlorine in the pool. Sunshine causes algae to form faster, and the chlorine in the water gets consumed in the process. With a cover, the sunlight is blocked out which prevents algae from forming and keeps the chemicals in the water balanced, so you don’t need to use more to combat the organic matter.

Lower repair costs

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As with any product, a swimming pool can develop issues over time as the older it gets. It may be a damaged pump or filter, for example, or maybe the material starts to degrade. Whatever the issue, repairing a swimming pool can be costly, so prevention is the best course of action. Proper pool maintenance is the best way to avoid the need for repairs and keep all the elements of your pool working as they should for longer. Pool covers protect the pool pump and filter, which are most likely to become damaged over time, so you can minimise the need for expensive replacements.

From safety and peace of mind to lowered operational costs and a better-looking pool, a pool cover is a worthwhile investment that can help you enjoy the use of your pool more. Automated covers are easy to use and keep your pool’s maintenance needs down.

Automatic pool covers can be added to swimming pools of any shape or size, and they’re the perfect way to maintain the look and quality of your swimming pool more easily. To speak to a member of our team about installing a swimming pool in your home or for further advice about maintaining your pool, contact us today.

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