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Searching for a bespoke swimming pool contractor in Staffordshire?

Our team at Compass Pools are experts in the design, installation and construction of swimming pools throughout Staffordshire, turning what may be a pipedream for many into a reality.

We can work around a wide range of specific requirements to design and build the exact swimming pool you’re looking for, offering a 20-year guarantee to give you complete peace of mind. We pride ourselves on having a specialist team who always ensure that each pool we install meets the highest professional standards required.

It’s for this reason that we are widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading pool contractors, having been recognised with a string of industry awards throughout the three decades we’ve designed and constructed swimming pools.

About our pools

Designing your dream swimming pool

We understand that, since swimming pools are often seen as a luxury addition to homes, it’s vital for them to look the part. In other words, you need to make sure their design, style and features are exactly right, matched to your specific requirements.

This is where we can help. Thanks to our substantial expertise, we can provide you with the advice and guidance you need to design your perfect swimming pool, answering any questions or queries you might have along the way.

Our team understand swimming pool designs better than anyone, and are expertly trained to walk you through all the important design or structural decisions you’ll need to make.

Sustainable, award-winning technology

The environmentally controlled process we use ensures our pools are produced in a highly sustainable manner, utilising specialist Carbon Fibre and Ceramic technology to make them impenetrable by sharp objects. Because of this, our pools really are unlike any other type on the market.

We also complete vigorous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process to make sure each pool we produce is truly built to last. We take immense pride in the one-piece swimming pools we produce and would dearly love for you to share that level of passion with us.

Thanks to the unique insulating structure of our pools, they could actually save you money over the long run since they reduce the need for expensive running costs.

We design, build and install all types of indoor and outdoor swimming pools such as:

Installing our ceramic swimming pools is a much simpler process than any other type of pool on the market. So, there really is no need to delay – allow us to design and build your dream swimming pool today.

If you would like to find out more about our services, simply get in touch with our team at your earliest convenience – we would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

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