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Modern Pool Designs

A modern swimming pool can be a wonderful way to cool off in the summer and elevate the look of your property, creating a luxury feature of your garden or the basement of your home. Whether you have a small, subtle pool in mind or you want to go big and bold, there are several defined, modern pool designs you can choose that will transform your home.

Plunge pools

Also known as splash pools, a plunge pool is the perfect space-saving solution that gives you the luxury of an outdoor pool without using too much of your garden. A plunge pool is very low maintenance and requires less space, but it’s just as relaxing and indulgent as a larger outdoor pool. In fact, due to the size, they’re designed for cooling down in the sun or enjoying the therapeutic benefits of the water rather than swimming. A plunge pool works brilliantly with modern homes and sleek, contemporary structures which often have smaller gardens.

Infinity pools

On the opposite end of the spectrum, infinity pools are bold, impactful and make a statement. They offer a striking visual effect where the water flows over the edges to give the illusion that the pool has no sides. A beautifully designed infinity pool is an investment but one that is absolutely worth the money, and can really transform your property into a stylish and elegant space. If you want to create a luxurious hotel environment in your home, an infinity pool provides that 5-star feel.

Lap pools

Lap pools are refined and elegant, providing you with ample length for swimming and exercise but without the width, so you can maximise the space in your garden. These pools can be designed to include water features such as jets, so you can make the most of the space and still enjoy the relaxing benefits of a spa pool but with the chicness of a lap pool. They’re also ideal for families with young children who may tire of swimming across a standard sized pool.

LED lighting

Create a completely different atmosphere with LED lighting to enable you to use your pool day and night. Artfully illuminated pools look stunning at night and provide a cosy ambiance that’s perfect if you’re a night swimmer and want to enjoy the serenity and visual effects of a night light pool. Contemporary and versatile, lighting allows you to change the mood of your pool area to suit the occasion.

Organic shapes

One of the most popular ways to create a chic pool design is to opt for organic shapes instead of the traditional geometric designs. Organic, curved pools with softer graded edges are unique and fun, giving creative freedom to homeowners who want to step away from the classic outdoor pool. With an organic shaped pool, you can contour the design to fit with your home’s exterior layout, so that it’s truly bespoke to your property.

Coloured bases

Give your pool a modern twist with dark interior finishes and coloured tiles, giving the illusion of more depth. Coloured pool liners also serve double duty if chosen well, as dark colours help to retain warmth for longer than a light interior, so you can enjoy warmer water while you swim without wasting money on heating. Sleek and sophisticated, a black or navy pool is truly luxe and evokes a soothing, comforting feel, whether you’re swimming or relaxing poolside with a drink.

Popular pool designs

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When it comes to designing your own modern swimming pool, there are various styles to choose from. From kidney-shaped pools and freeform shapes to sleek geometric pools, pools with a view and those with elegant surrounding features that create a focal point on your property, a modern pool design is bold, striking and interesting to look at. Make the most of unique technology and state-of-the-art materials when designing, such as our carbon fibre ceramic composite pools which are durable, well insulated and beautifully finished.

Modern pool designs tend to fall into two categories: architectural and natural. An architectural pool complements the style of the house and will typically have a more geometric, straight-edged design, while a natural pool will be more organic in style and inspired by the surroundings.

But there are ways to make your pool even more customised to your home, such as building your pool in an area where you can enjoy a stunning view, for example, or installing it beneath a cantilevered roof which repeats the clean lines of the house and your swimming pool for symmetry.

Coping can also improve the overall appearance of your pool. Coping makes a style statement and is the stone, concrete or brick that is installed around the edge of the pool to preserve the structure of the swimming pool shell. This addition adds character and can be used to completely transform the look of a pool to bring it up to date.

Bespoke luxury swimming pools

Compass Pools have designed, manufactured and installed thousands of luxury swimming pools for clients over the years, and our award-winning business has developed a reputation for excellence. Our pools are constructed to the exact specifications of our customers, and we always ensure that we stay at the forefront of pool technology and styles so you can enjoy a pool that exceeds your expectations.

From the finest materials to the elements that will ensure your pool is as beautiful as it is functional, such as lighting and water features, we create breath-taking swimming pools that will transform your home. Contact our team today to start the design process and discuss the options.

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