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Case Study

Beautiful XL-Trainer Pool in Woldingham, Surrey

Woldingham, Surrey Our client grew up in America, where having a pool in the back garden was as normal as having a kitchen! As someone who could swim before she could walk, having her own pool was an important addition to her new home.
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The Brief

Despite growing up with a pool, our client wasn’t sure where to start when it came to selecting her own. She did a lot of research, talking to friends who suggested looking for options that required less chlorine and maintained their heat.

She was also keen to minimise disruption in the garden for her three dogs. She loved the fact that Waterstream could deliver and install the pool in five weeks, whereas other companies were suggesting three months. Our client was a few years off retirement and wanted to ensure that ongoing costs would be minimal.

The carbon ceramic pools from Compass were superior in this aspect. Finally, our client wanted maintenance to be as easy as possible. She had memories of her dad having to regularly regrout the tiles and fiddle with the mechanicals of the pool. She didn’t want to have to do that.

The pool formed a part of our client’s bigger vision for her garden. Since Covid had made traveling so difficult, she wanted to create somewhere she could enjoy spending time in her own garden. Her plans included a vegetable bed, greenhouse, and a Zen area.

The Design


Our client was a strong swimmer, so she wanted the largest possible pool she could get, making the XL Trainer 110 Nova the only real option for her space. She chose a granite coping stone for the exterior and stainless-steel fittings for a modern look. The tri-colour lights and waterfall feature made for a delightful final aesthetic, especially in the evenings.

Originally, the client thought that she might like the pool to sit at the end of the garden. After a short discussion, it was agreed that it would be better to have the pool closer to the house. The final location was right below the main patio, close to the back door, and providing space for seating around the pool.

Freshwater UV filtration helped to keep chemicals to a minimum, and those that were required were placed in an auto-doser. Meanwhile, the auto top-up system kept the pool at the correct level. To maintain the temperature in the most economical way, a comfort cover and solar PVC slats were installed. A double heat pump allowed for year-round swimming The result was an easy-to-use pool that ticked all the client’s boxes. Once the pool was installed, the client continued her renovation of the garden, adding a beautiful pool house with changing rooms and showers. The soil left from the excavation was used to extend the end of the garden so that the entire outdoor space is now somewhere they love to spend time.

The Challenges

The main issue for installation was the fact that the client’s home was in a cul-de-sac that couldn’t be blocked off for delivery of a pool. The Waterstream team worked around all the location issues, eventually deciding to install the pool via crane. This involved stretching the crane to its absolute limit, setting off alarms, and alerting the neighbours to the fact that something interesting was happening! Some of the neighbours commented that it was the most exciting thing to have happened on the road for a long time!

Of course, despite the difficulties in transporting the heavy carbon ceramic pool, the team were able to get it in place.

The Outcome

The family was delighted with their new pool, which has been a big hit with their granddaughter, who visits regularly. The client’s son loved the installation process so much that he now has a job within Waterstream, helping others to create their dream pools!

The family have been in the pool every single day this summer. The client said: “Waterstream were extremely professional from start to finish. I couldn’t believe it took only two weeks from installation before we could get in the water.”

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