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Case Study

Entertaining XL Java Outdoor Pool Installation with Roman End in Somerset

Outdoor Swimming Pool in Somerset - Case Study Our client had recently moved to the Somerset area, into a home with a very large garden. During lockdown, they decided that a new pool was just what their outdoor space needed, breathing new life into the large, flat, wasted area.
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The Brief

Our client had some very specific thoughts about what they wanted from their pool. They’d had issues with liner pools in the past, so they were adamant they did not want one of those again. In fact, one of the reasons they chose us to install their pool was our carbon ceramic composite designs and fuss-free installation process.

They wanted the pool to be as easy to maintain as possible and loved all the automated options that we provide. This was a pool intended for social purposes only – the client did not think she would be in it every day, so she was not prepared to spend hours preparing it when she did finally use it.

She knew she wanted a Roman end to give the pool aesthetic a stylish, sparkly finish.

The Design

Of course, the client got her Roman ended pool, with measurements of 11.4m x 4m and a depth of 1.1m increasing to 1.7m at the deeper end. Three white lights were included, to boost the evening party atmosphere of social events and everything that could be automated, was. This included:

  • A remote for the comfort cover
  • Robot cleaner
  • Auto-dosing system
  • Auto-water top-up

We dug and installed the pool, including solar PVC slats and a large heat pump, as well as freshwater filtration and ABS fittings. To maintain the most convenient experience, the pool was located close to the house.

The pool installation prompted the renovation of the entire space, with an extended patio that was ideal for a seating area and a tidy of the floral borders.

The Challenges

The client had a really good idea of what it was that they wanted, so the installation was quite straightforward. They had looked into other options before contacting us and discounted them before we spoke. Their clear vision meant that challenges were kept to a minimum.

The most important thing for the client was convenience. Which is why we installed auto-dosing and auto-top systems, along with a robot cleaner. The pool cover was important to keep the water free from as much dirt and debris as possible, so that the hardest part for the client was keeping the cover clean.

The Outcome

The client rarely uses the pool by herself, but she has made the most of this space when it comes to being sociable. She hosted a pool party in January, which was very successful and loves to entertain her Godson in the water when he visits. They regularly have people to stay with them and they always want to get in the pool, even when it is cold outside, much to the client’s dismay!

Our client loves the sense of community that the pool affords her. She has even had the neighbour’s granddaughter to play in the pool, helping to build a bond with the locals.

She said, “I am very happy with the final result and I wouldn’t change a thing!”

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