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Family Fun XL-Trainer 110FB Outdoor Pool Installation in Hampshire

Outdoor Swimming Pool in Hampshire Happy memories from her childhood prompted our client to have a pool installed for her own family, so they could enjoy days in the sunshine together. We installed this pool in just under a month, leaving our client delighted with our speed and efficiency.
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The Brief

The client had recently moved into her home which had a large wrap-around garden. She was eager to relive her childhood days of splashing in the pool and wanted her own children, aged seven and eight, to have the same special memories.

She had a vision for her pool – she knew exactly where it would be situated and how much space it would take up. She didn’t want the pool to be the main feature of her outdoor space and it had to have a sleek, modern feel. She decided the Compass Pools fit this brief perfectly.

Our client had no fixed budget in mind but preferred to purchase high-quality parts that cost a little more in the first instance, to reduce maintenance costs further down the line. She had done her research and had a little idea of high-spec items and what she could expect to pay for them.

The Design

Our client chose a XL-Trainer 110FB measuring 11m x 4m with a flat 1.5m depth throughout. We dug the hole, removed the soil, and installed the pool, incorporating steps on either side of the shell. Limestone coping was added to the edges to match the patio which extended to the side of the house, while stainless steel fitting helped provide the modern finish our client was keen to have. The client was happy with the length, which provided enough room to swim lengths without overwhelming the green garden space.

Energy efficient features were included, such as polycarbonate solar slats and an eco-pump, as well as a freshwater UV system. Other features included:

  • Comfort cover
  • All season Heat pump
  • Suction robot
  • Auto Dosing

These all helped to make for the most enjoyable experience for the family, reducing the amount of time needed to clean and increasing their time spent in the pool!

The Challenges

Due to the timing of the installation, the client decided they wanted to keep the pool running throughout the winter. The pool was ready for use at the end of July, taking just over three weeks to install. However, the rest of the garden renovation was still in process, so the family could not fully enjoy the water properly until October.

In order to facilitate this, the design included an all-season heat pump and auto-dosing to ensure the water was always safe and ready for use. Running the pool throughout the winter also allowed the client to get an idea of how much it cost to maintain the pool year-round.

The Outcome

The client and her family have been in their new pool every day over the summer. In the winter, our client spent most of the time in the pool on her own, enjoying the fresh feeling of the cool air and the warm water. As soon as the days got warmer, her children were joining her, creating a lovely space for quality family time.

Our client said, “We were really incredibly happy with the whole process. The actual speed of starting the project to getting in the pool was incredible. Everyone we worked with was great and we’ve passed five or six different friends to Compass, as they’ve come round and admired our pool. We are absolutely ecstatic.”

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