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High-End XL Trainer Outdoor Pool Installation in Suffolk

Outdoor Swimming Pool in East Suffolk When a swimming teacher retires, it is only right that she should have her own pool to maintain her fitness and practice her strokes, which is why our client decided to install one for his wife. Having lived in Hong Kong for many years, they had both enjoyed regular access to pools for some time and were keen to keep hold of this fitness lifestyle.
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The Brief

The client wanted a pool that allowed him and his wife to be able to swim full lengths. They had done quite a bit of research into construction methods and the pros and cons of different systems and decided that a concrete pool would work best for them.

They wanted the pool to be as efficient as possible, to keep ongoing costs to a minimum, and they also wanted it to be as low maintenance as it could be. They were prepared to purchase any extra features that would aid with this.

The client did shop around before finally settling on Compass pools. In the end, he decided that he would rather pay a little more to get something that he actually wanted, and the Compass pools stood out above the competition.

The Design

The client chose an XL Trainer 110FB pool with a constant depth throughout. Although this is not the longest pool in our range, it was the biggest pool that could fit in the space available. To maximize space for swimming, we built two sets of stairs at either side of the top end of the pool. This allowed the client to swim all the way to both ends without loss of depth.

The client’s home was Grade II listed, so it was important the pool matched the aesthetics. We surrounded the pool with granite coping stone and included white lights to make the design as natural and in keeping with the building look as possible. The client chose ABS fittings and a comfort cover with a remote to help maintain heat, reduce cleaning times, and ensure ease of use. The cover tucked away, completely out of sight when the pool is in use. Other convenience features included an auto top-up system and auto-dosing.

To keep heating costs to a minimum, the pool included freshwater UV and PVC solar slats, alongside a large heat pump.

The Challenges

Not only was the house Grade II listed, but the location fell within a conservation area, which meant the client was limited on where the pool could go. They were concerned that this location would prevent access for our pool team, especially as it was surrounded by lots of mature trees. Of course, our team are able to transport our pools almost anywhere, which our client was particularly pleased about.

As the client is such a strong swimmer, the length of the pool did concern them a little. They have got around this issue by attaching a harness to a sleeper by the pool. This adds resistance to the exercise, making up for the shorter length.

The Outcome

The client is delighted with his pool and the family, including his two older sons, use it almost daily. The sons love having friends round to enjoy the pool and they all especially appreciated the water during the recent heatwave. The boys have also added a volleyball net, adding a fun element to the functional pool.

The client said: “I rarely write reviews, but I did give Waterstream a write-up on their website. The sales guy was amazing – responsive and not at all pushy. The product sold itself.”

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