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Case Study

Life-Changing XL-Outdoor Trainer Pool Installation in Ascot, Berkshire

Swimming Pool Installation Ascot, Berkshire - Case Study Our keen swimmer client and his personal trainer wife had never thought about having a pool in their garden. When lockdown closed all the leisure facilities in the area, he realized that he could do most exercise at home. The only thing that he couldn’t do, was swim. After a chat with Waterstream, all that changed!
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The Brief

Our client didn’t have the biggest garden to work with, so location was limited. Luckily, his fences and hedges around the garden made for a space that was private and secure. 

He was keen that his pool should be open all year round, so keeping the heat in was a priority. He also wanted the running of the pool to be as easy as possible, happy to use all the necessary technology that meant he could simply get up in the morning and jump in the pool.

The Design

Our client chose the biggest pool that could fit in his space, opting for the XL-Trainer 110FB, Nova. We dug the hole and installed the shell, keeping the entire structure below ground, with steps under the water. With granite coping surround, ABS fittings and three white lights, the effect was classy and tranquil, perfectly emulating the look that the client had in mind.

The most important design aspect was maintaining the heat of the water in an economic way. To ensure this, we added an all-season heat pump and PVC solar slats to make for the most efficient heating system. Combined with the ceramic base, which is already very good at reducing heat loss, and the comfort cover, the water maintains the ideal ambient temperature all year round.

The freshwater filtration system meant that fewer chemicals were required to keep the water safe for swimming. Combined with an auto doser, the pool was practically maintenance-free! The client also purchased a robot hoover to make cleaning the pool much easier.

Once the pool was in place, he re-landscaped the rest of the garden, adding a shower, seating area, and some beautiful botanicals to create a serene oasis.

The Challenges

The client was delighted with how straightforward the installation was. The only small issue was to do with the timing of their booking. Lockdown was a very busy period for Waterstream, as people looked to improve their homes, rather than spend money on entertainment. Combined with a shortage of people in offices and warehouses, this made the lead-time on the pool installation longer than usual. Our client had to wait 8 months for their pool, but he was patient and used the time to assess his choices to make sure he got exactly what he wanted. The client was incredibly grateful that their quote was honoured, despite the long lead time and increase in prices.

Access was also difficult, due to the small garden and private road. Cranes were used, not only for the pool shell, but also for the excavators to dig the holes! The client noticed that there would sometimes be 20-30 people on site, making sure that everything was running smoothly.

The Outcome

Our client has gone from being a two-day-a-week swimmer to using his pool daily. He loves the fact that he can get up in the morning and jump straight in the pool to freshen up. He has also now welcomed a baby into the family. At almost two years old, she loves the water, allowing them all to spend quality time together.

Our client has even made a friend of one of the workers, who recently popped in for a cup of tea, just because he was in the area.

Our client said: “We are really lucky to be able to have a pool. I could probably go as far as to say it is life changing. We love our house and plan on staying here forever, so now we have everything that we could possibly need.”

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