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Case Study

Tranquil Outdoor XL-Trainer Pool in Wells, Somerset

Outdoor Trainer Swimming Pool Installation Somerset - Case Study Our client was recently retired with an ambitious plan for his pension: new home; new garden; new pool. His original goals were for an indoor pool, but after talking to our team and considering the pros and cons, he settled on an outdoor pool and is delighted with the results.
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The Brief

Our client wanted a pool to boost his wellness, with swimming being his main form of exercise. The pool was part of his vision for retired life, along with a brand-new home and acres of land to enjoy. The location for the pool was right by the house, next to the kitchen, ensuring easy access every morning so he could sit in his pool and watch the world wake up. The site was originally home to a neglected fishpond, sat at the base of a small hill, making for a private, contained, tranquil space to enjoy a swim.

Originally, the client had wanted an indoor pool, with large glass doors that would look out into the garden. After taking everything into consideration, it was decided that an outdoor pool would better serve his needs, saving building costs that could be spent on better quality finishings externally.

The Design

The pool specifications were simple, measuring 11m x 4m at a depth of 1.5m, with steps in two corners. The shell arrived about six months prior to installation, when we dug the hole and installed the pool. The waterfall feature was added, along with a large heat pump and solar PVC slats to ensure the water was warm enough for those early morning swims. We also installed a comfort cover, complete with remote control and three white lights, for safety when swimming in the dark. The pool also includes:

  • freshwater filtration system,
  • ABS fittings
  • auto top-up system.

The design included some sandstone coping to provide a natural finish to the look. The surrounding patio area was completed by a specialist company, allowing the client to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee after his morning swim. The key for this design was convenience, encouraging the client to get as much use as possible out of his new pool.

The Challenges

The main challenge throughout the installation process was finding the right coping stones to match the client’s vision. In the end, these were completed by an outside party who worked with our design specifications to create something natural and aesthetically pleasing that satisfied the customer.

The client already had planning permission in place for an indoor pool but struggled to find any information on the practicalities of this. When he first got in touch with us, he explained his ideas and we talked through the advantages and disadvantages of an indoor pool. In the end, it turned out that everything he wanted from an indoor pool could easily be replicated outdoors and would save him money on building costs and ongoing heating.

The Outcome

Our client is delighted with his new pool, waking up most mornings to enjoy a swim and watching the surrounding wildlife from the water. His older children regularly visit to spend time in the pool with him and he was extremely impressed with how straightforward installation was. He chose us for the quality of our product and the fact that he could always get hold of someone with any questions he had about his purchase.

He said, “The after sales service has been brilliant. They have been a joy to work with throughout the whole process.”

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