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Case Study

XL Trainer 110 Nova One Piece Pool Installation

With four older children to entertain, our client finally caved in to pressure from his family to install a pool. His parents had a pool when he was younger, so it was always something he had considered purchasing, but the time finally felt right last year. Compass Pools seemed to match all his requirements so that he could create the outdoor space of their dreams.
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The Brief

Our client had done a lot of research prior to contacting us. He wanted to keep chemicals, maintenance, and ongoing costs to a minimum while having as little impact on the environment as possible. He knew he wanted a one piece design and looked into the pros and cons of natural and clear water pools since both required a minimum amount of chlorine to keep them clean.

The client also knew exactly where he wanted the pool to go. It was important to him that it was situated in an area of the garden that got the most sunlight throughout the day and had easy access. He also had plans to renovate the rest of the space, including the construction of a summer house once the pool had been installed.

Due to the large number of trees surrounding the garden, the client knew that he wanted the pool to be closed down before the leaves started falling. So ongoing service was a key consideration.

The Design

The XL Trainer 110 was the perfect option for our client. He chose a sloping design with steps at either side of the shallow end so that anyone swimming could complete a full length with ease. We dug the hole and moved the soil on site before installing the pool. It was surrounded by a sandstone coping ledge that keeps the design looking natural, while ABS fittings and three coloured lights add a sleek, modern finish.

The client wanted his pool to be environmentally friendly, which is why it needed to use as few chemicals as possible. The freshwater UV system helped with that, while PVC solar slats and a large heat pump took care of the energy resources, while also helping to keep the client’s ongoing costs to a minimum.

Meanwhile, auto-dosing, auto top-up, and a robot cleaner ensured there was very little maintenance involved on a day-to-day basis. The pool includes a comfort cover, as well as a winter cover, to help reduce the number of leaves and debris that fall into the pool when not in use.

The Challenges

Overall, the client was delighted with their pool and the installation went well. They have had a minor issue with the pool cover but were incredibly happy with the responsiveness of Waterstream. The client reported the issue in the morning and had an engineer booked in for the same afternoon.

The Outcome

The client’s children’s ages range from 14 to 24, so the pool is in daily use throughout the summer. The surrounding area has been re-landscaped and the summer house is now in situ, creating a lovely space to spend lazy warm afternoons.

The client said: “We can’t fault them [Waterstream] at all. They were brilliant on the install – absolutely amazing. I love everything about the pool really, from the ease of use to the fact that the steps are on either side so we can do a full length.”

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