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Case Study

XL Trainer Pool Installation in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire When our client’s mother-in-law decided to sell her bungalow, complete with family pool, he knew it was time to get one installed in his own garden. His wife had grown up with a pool in her garden, so she enjoyed the convenience and exercise that such a luxury afforded her.
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The Brief

The client had almost given the contract to another supplier after getting a few quotes but changed his mind when he saw the features that came with Compass pools. He wanted a pool that was as low-maintenance and easy to use as possible. The Compass pool took him 20% over his intended budget, but he decided the costs were worth it for the higher-grade specification.

The family wanted a pool they could use when the sun is shining, so needed to be able to close the pool down from September to April. They wanted to be able to enjoy the summer with friends and family and needed plenty of space around the pool to sit and entertain. They also needed the pool to look aesthetically pleasing.

The Design

In the end, the XL Trainer 110FB was the pool the client chose. They selected sandstone coping which matched the rest of the tiled outdoor space, and stainless-steel fittings. Three large lights made for pleasant evening swims, while the freshwater UV system reduced the chemicals required in the pool.

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When it came to maintenance, the client was adamant that he wanted as little to do as possible. The cloud-based automation system was a huge selling point for him, allowing him to keep an eye on the pool’s needs from his phone, without the need to test the water on a regular basis. He also opted for a remote beachline cover, auto-dosing, auto-top-up, and auto-backwash. He purchased a pool robot separately so that all he had to do was empty the leaf bucket from time to time and replace the chemicals when they ran out.

He kept ongoing costs to a minimum by purchasing a large heat pump and polycarbonate solar slats to keep the pool warm without resorting to gas.

The position of the pool changed slightly from the client’s original plans. He had wanted the pool to have as much light as possible, but then realized it would be the first thing you see when coming in through the garden gate. He also decided he would prefer the deckchairs in the area with the most sun. In the end, he chose a space by the barbecue, making it the perfect area for entertaining.

The Challenges

The client had a choice of having the pool installed by crane or excavator. He chose the excavator, but unfortunately, the weather conditions in January 2021 were very wet. Damp ground conditions combined with a large excavator made for a very boggy front garden, to the point where the client had to call in another contractor to make it possible to walk out of the front door with a temporary pathway. The garden has since been restructured, but it was a tricky complication at the time.

The client has also had a few issues with faulty connections in the technology surrounding the pool. He was delighted that the director of the company came out to personally inspect the unit himself and resolve the issue.

The Outcome

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The client has a teenage son who loves spending time in the pool with his friends. The pool has been such a hit with the youngsters that the client has had to refuse entry on occasion to enjoy a little peace and quiet of his own around the water! They have also thrown a few pool parties on the warmest days of the year, with the location of the barbecue making for a great entertaining area.

The client said: “Overall we are really pleased. It looks great and does exactly what we want it to do. I only have to empty leaves every now and then and exchange the chemical bottles once a month! I wouldn’t change a thing.”

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