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Case Study

XL Trainer Pool Installation in Westerham, Kent

Westerham, Sevenoaks, Kent When our client’s family moved to their new home project in a rural location, they decided to install a pool to create a safe space for the children to stay connected with their friends. It has become a social spot for the whole family, with lots of gatherings in the sunshine.
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The Brief


Our client’s wife had grown up with a pool in her garden and the client has relatives on the south coast with a pool that they use from time to time, so it was always something that interested them. The family moved into their home in January 2020, and when the first lockdown started, they started seriously thinking about adding a pool to their renovation budget.

Despite their previous experience with pools, they had no idea what they wanted from their own installation. They did a lot of research and spoke to several suppliers, including Compass, and ruled out liner pools. Our client’s main concern was the cost of replacing liners in the future and the fact that one of their dogs might rip the liner if they jumped in.

They liked the maintenance options and warranty of Compass pools, as well as the product itself. They were also impressed with the speed of delivery and installation, which was far quicker than other potential suppliers. Before the pool was installed, they had reseeded the lawn, so our client was concerned that it shouldn’t be damaged during the process.

The Design

The client chose an XL Trainer 110 pool measuring 11m x 4m, giving them plenty of room to swim, with submerged steps on either side to allow them to reach both ends of each length. They loved the bi-luminite finish and matched this with granite coping around the outside, as well as three colour lights on the inside and ABS fittings. We dug the hole and installed the pool via crane.

Due to the costs of renovating an entire house, the ongoing economics of the pool were important. The all-season heat pump and solar slats helped to keep heating costs to a minimum, while the comfort cover helps keep leaves and other debris out of the pool when not in use.

The pool was positioned slightly away from the house in a corner of the garden that was not regularly in use. This layout allowed the plant room to be tucked away nearby and out of sight.

The Challenges

Access to the home was difficult due to the rural location. There was no way a lorry could get close. The Waterstream team had to lift the pool by crane over some large, established trees.

The client was also worried about damage to his garden. The project management team were able to keep this to a minimum, removing fence panels to work on the perimeter of the garden, rather than traipsing over the grass.

Finally, a small leak arose recently on the heat pump pipework. The client was delighted by the quick response to this issue.

The Outcome

The client’s children are all in their teens, so they have loved having a space they can invite their friends to spend time together. Their rural location could have made them feel excluded from their friendship groups, but this has ensured they stay connected. Our client works long hours, but he loves the peaceful time he gets to spend around the pool, allowing him to switch off from work and relax. They have a barbecue by the pool which makes it the perfect spot for entertaining friends, family, and even the neighbours!

Our client said: “Our budget was limited due to the house renovation, so there were things we had to leave out of our plans. Waterstream helped us to find the perfect solution for us so that we don’t feel we are missing anything. A great experience from start to finish.”

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