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Water surface level with the surroundings: a unique visual effect.

Overflow and infinity deck level pools are the ultimate in decadent luxury, but as well as being a particularly attractive design of outdoor swimming pools, overflow and infinity pools are also a lot more efficient from a maintenance perspective.

Does the thought of clearing dead leaves and insects from the surface of your swimming pool put you off the idea of having a pool installed? With a Compass Pools innovative overflow and infinity deck swimming pool design this is not an issue you need to be concerned about.

Traditional Wall Mounted Skimmer:

The overflow system is manufactured from the highest-quality 301 stainless steel for years of hassle free service with the option of 316L Stainless for Salt water applications.







A Masterpiece of Design

Compass infinity and overflow pools are a masterpiece of form and function. The water in a regular swimming pool normally sits well below the perimeter of the coping stone pool surround. In an overflow and infinity deck pool the water sits at a much higher level.

The innovative design of our infinity and overflow swimming pools uses the same over-engineering commonly used in public and competition pools. Water is drawn uniformly off all areas of the swimming pool’s water surface, which ensures all particles and floating debris are removed from the water before it passes through your pool’s filtration system. The end result is a sparkling, perfectly clean pool with no dead spots and floating debris.

Scientific studies have consistently proven that this type of system is far more efficient at maintaining water movement over the surface of a pool, which is where the majority of particulate debris such as leaves, dead insects and other small particles collect. Not only does a build up of debris look extremely unsightly, but it also clogs up your filter.

Traditional Methods of Clearing Debris are Less Effective

Traditional methods of dealing with surface debris include skimmers and drains mounted on the interior walls of a pool. A Compass Overflow system removes the necessity for a skimmer or wall mounted drain, as the water surface is raised to the same level as the surrounding patio or decking area, which gives you a unique visual effect. The end result is an outdoor swimming pool that is far more aesthetically pleasing.

Full Infinity Deck Level Pools

For the ultimate in opulence, Compass Pools can provide you with a deck level swimming pool where the water flows in all four directions simultaneously. Or, if your pool is installed on the side of a slope, you can enjoy a magnificent infinity effect swimming pool whereby the water flows over one edge, exactly as you might see in a luxury hotel resort.

All Compass Pools infinity and overflow swimming pool systems are manufactured from high grade 301 stainless steel. This ensures corrosion is not a problem during the normal lifetime of the pool and you can enjoy years of hassle free service. For salt water swimming pool applications, there is also a 316L stainless steel option available for extra protection against the corrosive effects of salt water.

For more information about Compass Pools infinity and overflow pool systems, and how they can make your life a lot easier, give us a call today.

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