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Ultimate Infinite Swimming Pool London

Swim with a view: the unique visual effect of an infinity pool.

Overflow and infinity deck level pools are the ultimate in decadent luxury. Despite being a particularly attractive outdoor swimming pool design, overflow and infinity pools are also a lot easier to maintain than other outdoor pool alternatives.

For example, if clearing dead leaves and insects from your swimming pool doesn’t really appeal to you, one of Compass Pools’ innovative overflow and infinity deck swimming pool designs ensures this won’t be a problem to be concerned about.

The basics of an infinity pool

An infinity pool gets its name for the seamless blend between the edge of the pool and its surroundings – usually another body of water, such as a sea or lake. This makes it seem like the pool continues into the distance indefinitely.

For this reason, a true infinity pool – also known as a negative edge pool – must be built on sloped ground, to make it look the pool is completely edgeless. In order to achieve this illusion though, the water level needs to flow over the edge of the pool into a weir or secondary pool.

Infinity pool designs

As we’ve already touched on, the location of an infinity pool is one of the first things that needs to be considered in its design. Surrounding levels must be carefully measured to determine how to achieve the pool’s infinite-edge look then, once the relevant sight lines have been determined, you need to think about which materials to use. To achieve the maximum effect, the materials you choose should closely match the body of water, sky or landscape that the pool will need to blend into.

The installation challenges

Installing an infinity pool is more technically complex than fitting a standard pool for two key reasons:

  1. Engineering logistics. Installing a pool on a hillside or slope not only poses more logistical issues, but it also complicates the engineering work required. For example, overflow edges will need to have a wall structure built, rather than rely on the surrounding ground to support them.
  2. Careful calculations. The pool’s edges will need to be carefully calculated and constructed to the same tolerances of a deck level pool (approximately 1-2mm along their length). To do this though, the design team will need to determine how to construct a complex system of balance tanks and pumps, ensuring the overflow remains constant regardless of how many people are in the water.

How we install our infinity edge pools

overflow pool

Compass swimming pools are unibody lightweight structures, made of carbon ceramic and installed in one-piece by crane. Our lightweight swimming pool construction material overcomes many of the structural issues involved with building a concrete infinity pool, which you can find out more about here.

Our one-piece shell design makes the installation extremely accurate and quick to install. Once the pool has been lowered into a previously excavated hole, we maintain its water level using VSD (variable speed pumps) and a computer-controlled water level system. This not only ensures you achieve the correct water level, but it will also save you money on running costs.

How much does an infinity edge pool cost to run?

Infinity pools naturally cost more to run than conventional freeboard pools. This is mainly due to the cooling effect on water that flows over the pool edge – an effect which is greatest when the outside ambient temperature is low.

This cooling effect can be eliminated through Compass Pools’ variable water level system (VWLS), which reduces water usage when the pool is not in use. Without this system, additional running costs will be need to both heat the water and run the overflow system. It is difficult to determine what the exact cost will be, as it really depends on a number of factors. Some of these factors include:

  • Air temperature.
  • Wind speed.
  • Site exposure.
  • Soil type and water content.
  • Pool temperature.
  • Hours of pool use.

How much do infinity pools cost to install?

Naturally, beautiful things are never cheap and unfortunately the same principle applies to infinity pools. Due to the complex design involved, installation needs to be completed by a qualified builder – you definitely do not want a self-builder or first-time contractor to complete the work.

Infinity pools typically cost approximately £30,000 more than similar-sized conventional free board or skimmer pools. However, this calculation very much depends the site conditions and available access.

Full Infinity Deck Level Pools

For the ultimate in opulence, Compass Pools can provide you with a deck level swimming pool where the water flows in all four directions simultaneously. Or, if your pool is installed on the side of a slope, you can enjoy a magnificent infinity effect swimming pool whereby the water flows over one edge, exactly as you might see in a luxury hotel resort.

All Compass Pools infinity and overflow swimming pool systems are manufactured from high grade 301 stainless steel. This ensures corrosion is not a problem during the normal lifetime of the pool and you can enjoy years of hassle free service. For salt water swimming pool applications, there is also a 316L stainless steel option available for extra protection against the corrosive effects of salt water.

For more information about Compass Pools infinity and overflow pool systems, and how they can make your life a lot easier, give us a call today.

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