Designing the Perfect Plunge Pool for the UK

Compass Pools, a specialist in the Design & Installation of Plunge Pool UK wide. Ideal for Exercise and Relaxation in your Own Garden Room. 

When it comes to small garden the UK has its fair share. Yet this shouldn’t preclude you from making the most of your outdoor space. Compass Pools are specialists in small pool for small gardens. Our range of small plunge pools are ideal for the compact garden. 

Typical plunge pool dimensions are in the region of 4m x 3m. The headline image in this article is just that size pool with an integrated swim jet. Plunge pools are typically used to cool down or “plunge” into on a hot day. However modern plunge pool are multi function exercise pools machines. 

Why a Compass Plunge Pool?

Compass pools are installed in one piece and craned over as a ready to swim shell. This makes installation extremely quick an easy with garden of limited space. 

Advantages of Installing a Plunge Pool in a UK City Garden

  • Makes the most of a Small Space
  • Gives you somewhere to exercise
  • A great Relaxation area for aching bones. 
  • Cool down after a hot day at work
  • Maximise the Value of your Property
  • Create a “Garden Room”

Small Compass Plunge Pool


Plunge Pool Options

Once of the most popular options for plunge pools is a swim jet. This enable a small pool to become and infinite pool! Make the most of your plunge pool space by turning your pool into an exercise pool. 

Other popular options incude a sliding pool cover the make the most of the space by turning the lid of the pool into a usable area for table and chairs or a couple of sun beds that can slide back when you are ready to use your pool. 

When installing a Plunge Pool heating has to be a priority so your pool can be used in all seasons. Typically plunge pools are installed in gardens that are an extension of the living space. Its not unheard of to have a plunge pool that can be used as hot tub on Christmas day. A modern heat pump will also be able to cool your Plunge pool to have a chilled dip on a hot day. 

How to install a Plunge Pool in a Small Garden. 

exercise poolPerhaps the biggest challenge of installing a plunge pool is digging the hole that it sits in. Compass pool exclusively installs in-ground pools. If there is no side access to get a digger in, it might get as complicated as a conveyor belt though the house and craning an excavator over the top of the house. If that’s not an options building a raised area within the garden will help to avoid excessive expense. Typical minimum widths to get an excavator in is 80cm. 

Stages of an Installation

  1. Excavate Hole
  2. Install Pool Shell
  3. Plumb Shell
  4. Backfill
  5. Coping Stones
  6. Filtration & Heating

Other Garden features to accompany a Plunge Pool 

Barrel Sauna for Plunge PoolGarden Sauna’s give the ying and yang of hot and cold in garden design. When accompanying a plunge pools the body can be rejuvinated using hot and cold therapy. Our most popular Sauna that will blend with your plunge pool in design is a barrel sauna. These are made in a similar way to a beer barrel using age old cooperage techniques. It will give your city garden the true spa accessory. 

Get the latest Compass Pool Brochure today and let us help you specify your perfect Plunge Pool!


How much Does a Plunge Pool Cost?

An installed project typically start from £25’000 upwards. The major dependency will be the access to the garden for machinery to dig the hole and access for a crane to get the pool into the garden. We have installed plunge pool project as much as £75’000 with all the bells and whistles in a very tight access garden. 

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