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Do endless pools need a lot of maintenance?

Endless swimming pools require significantly less maintenance and upkeep compared to traditional inground pools. Their compact size and modern design make them far easier to care for on a routine basis. Plan for just 15-30 minutes per week for basic tasks like testing water chemistry, skimming debris, and running the filter system.

More extensive monthly maintenance like brushing, vacuuming, and backwashing filters will only take around 1 hour. Then every 3-6 months, budget 2-3 hours twice per year to drain, clean, and refill the entire pool. Many owners find this minimal weekly and monthly upkeep very manageable even with busy schedules.

The reduced maintenance needs are a major advantage of endless pools versus traditional pools requiring 6-8 hours per week. Some portable endless pool models can even go a full year before draining and refilling is required. Overall, endless pools allow you to enjoy pool ownership without an overly time-consuming maintenance commitment.

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