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10 Steps to Getting Your Compass Ceramic Pool

Compass Ceramic Pools is the world’s leading manufacturer of one-piece composite pools and is committed to building the highest quality, best value pool on the market with the most advanced manufacturing techniques, the finest materials, and the most stringent quality controls.
Compass Pools ceramic pools installation


1 – The mould is scrupulously prepared so that the pool is easily separated from it, giving the pool a superior quality of finish.
2- The Antibacterial, UV Stable gel coat is added first, followed by a vinylester base colour for the highest impact resistance and osmosis blistering protection.
3 – An additional layer of glass-fibre matting, reinforced by chopped and hand laid glass-fibre are rolled for durability and strength.
4 – The heart of a Compass Ceramic Pool is our unique ceramic layer, adding great strength to the pool walls and providing enhanced water-proofing and insulation.
5 – Carbon-fibre layer is strategically integrated to structurally reinforce specific areas of the pool to give enhanced durability and flexibility. On top of this comes a polyester layer.
6 – Our closed beam sections are then added to give rigidity around the pool under the coping and eliminate the need for steel.
7 – The exterior finish coat is added and the completed pool is then lifted off the mould.
8 – A finished pool is then loaded onto an articulated low-loader ready for delivery to its new home.
Pool construction – placing the ceramic pool with a crane


Ceramic pool installation – earth works with an excavator
9 – After the excavation is carefully dug to the correct shape and depth, the bottom is prepared to attain the correct floor level. The pool is then ready to be lowered into place.
10 – The final steps in the process are filling with water and backfilling around the pool. After this process is completed, the plumbing, filtration and electrical equipment are installed.
Completed JAVA 85 ceramic pool installation - ready to swim

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