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How an Outdoor Pool Can Be Practical in the UK Year-Round

As winter draws in for another year in the UK, you may be starting to re-think your idea of installing your dream outdoor swimming pool, as it is true that the basic non-heated or covered outdoor pool will be pretty cold at the moment.

Do not give up hope though, as a well designed outdoor swimming pool can actually be modified to be usable and enjoyable in any climate.

There are several things you can do which allow you to use your pool in the most enjoyable way all year round, making it refreshing in the summer and cosy in the winter, and at Compass Pools we are able to develop pools with a combination of specific and bespoke features to fit any personal requirements.

One of the simplest yet effective ways of maintaining an outdoor pool all year round is to use a combination of insulation and a good quality pool cover. This will allow your pool temperature to remain relatively warm all year round with minimal effort. Insulated pools are an ideal option if you want to get maximum use from your outdoor swimming pool. Our range of innovatively designed passive pools are 100% airtight, meaning that very little heat is able to escape through the pool walls, and heat loss through vapour is minimised. During sunny weather heat is built up quickly, and is well retained.
When combined with a pool cover, the warm temperature can be preserved even when the weather turns cooler.
If you want your pool to be comfortable even during the cold winter, it is a very sensible idea to also invest in a heating system, which can be used only when required. The most effective and appropriate swimming pool heating systems which are able to maintain a warm water temperature during very cold winters are heat pumps, which are able to heat the water up to a toasty 40°c.

There is no better feeling than bathing in warm water whilst taking in the crisp winter air.
To truly make your outdoor swimming pool British weather-proof, the ultimate option is to invest in a sliding dome cover. This will effectively make your pool a hybrid of an outdoor and indoor pool, with minimal cost and maximum style and convenience.

During the warm summer you can slide back the cover for a conventional outdoor pool, and then keep it covered to retain maximum heat during cold weather.  Dome covers also have the added benefit of being able to protect you from the elements, whilst still maintaining the feeling of being outdoors, making it the perfect option for swimming whatever the UK weather brings.

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