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How to Prepare for a Swimming Pool Installation

So, you’ve made the decision to add a pool to your home – in next to no time, you’ll be enjoying the many benefits of an inground pool on your property. With such a big investment, it’s understandable that the process might be a bit overwhelming but there are some preparation tasks you can carry out to make sure the process runs smoothly. In this guide, we’ll go through some of the ways you can prepare for your installation to minimise upheaval.

Work closely with your pool builder

Communication is key when it comes to a project of this size – a pool is an investment into your property, so you want to get it right. True professionals will understand the importance of talking through the options with you and keeping you up to date with the progress, but you should also be clear with them about what your requirements are.

There are many steps in building an outdoor pool and various members of the team who will be involved, from the design of the pool itself to excavation, adding in the pool liner and filling it with water. In order to make sure each of these steps goes as planned, you and your pool builder need to be in constant communication so you’re both aware of what’s required from each party.

Check the area is suitable for the design

The pool you want and the pool your property can accommodate are two different things, so part of the preparation process should be checking that the area you want to install in is suitable for a garden pool. In addition to measuring the space, you also need to check the ground is suitable and that there aren’t any utilities running underground as these will need to be rerouted. Likewise, if the ground slopes you may need a retaining wall to create a flatter base for the pool to be built on, depending on the style you choose.

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Apply for permissions

Whether or not you need planning permission for your pool depends on the style and the location, and in most cases it’s not needed. However, it’s best to to check with your Local Authority first so you have a clear answer either way.

If you do need permission, it’s best to get a head start on applying for this as the process can take a while. The application process can be a little complex, but your pool builder should be able to guide you through it to give you the best chance of approval. At Compass Pools, we have worked with councils on numerous occasions to handle the planning permission process, so we’re well equipped to help you in the event that it’s necessary for your build. We can even handle all aspects of the application for a fee.

Clear the area of rubble and vegetation

In preparation for the build taking place, you should clear the area where you want the pool to go. This might be as simple as clearing vegetation and plants from the area or you might need to relocate furniture or sheds to elsewhere in the garden so there’s room for the pool to be put in place, depending on the shape or size of the design.

If there are any trees within 15ft of the pool space, these may also need to be removed – bear in mind that the roots will extend quite far, so rather than cutting them down, remove them from the root or call a professional to handle the removal for you.

Safeguard kids and pets on construction day

During the process of your pool being built, your garden is going to look a bit like a construction zone, with lots of tools and machinery on-site. Curious kids may want to take a closer look at the action, but it can be extremely dangerous, so as part of your preparation for the build, make sure you are able to keep the kids out of harm’s way, so they stay safe while your builders are carrying out their work.

Likewise, if you have pets, make sure they are either confined outside for the duration of the build or can be kept inside. The machinery is not only dangerous for them, but the loud noises may frighten them. Builders will also need to leave gates open so they can come and go throughout the day, so you want to be sure dogs and little ones can’t get out.

Provide clear access

Finally, you’ll need to provide your build team with clear access to the area throughout the build. This access needs to be ongoing. You don’t want to slow the process up by having the team unable to come and go as they need to, nor do the team want to have to interrupt you every time they need to come back onto your property.

Remember, in order to create your dream pool, the team will need to be able to get machinery, concrete, materials and numerous workers onto the site every day. So, you need to consider the path that equipment is going to take from the road to the location of the build, to be sure that it’s clear and accessible.

A few things to bear in mind when planning for this is to check whether there’s sufficient space between your property and your neighbour, and whether fencing will need to be removed temporarily for this. You may also need to provide a staging area for materials to be stored, which might involve lawn repair once your pool has been built – these are all topics to raise with your builders before the project begins so that everyone is on the same page.

Know it’s a means to an end

There is always going to be a certain level of upheaval with any large project, such as a pool build, but know that this disturbance is temporary and will be worthwhile once you have your new luxury swimming pool in place. An experienced team will understand the process in-depth, so they’ll know how to minimise the stress and hassle as much as possible for a simpler and smoother build process.

Compass Pools have over 30 years’ experience in building luxury swimming pools, and we’ve worked with countless clients in that time. As leaders in the industry, we ensure that when you invest in one of our pools, you’ll enjoy a construction and installation process unlike any other on the market. If you have any queries about the process of our pool installations, get in touch with us today.


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