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iQ- Intelligent Pool Control

Spending more time maintaining a swimming pool than actually enjoying it is not ideal. Using an Intelligent Pool Control system, this takes the stress of pool maintenance away by monitoring chemical levels, temperature and water quality on your behalf.
Pool control systems are nothing new. They have been around for a while now and many manufacturers offer pool control systems as part of their swimming pool installation packages. However, we at Compass Pools want our customers to be 100% happy with our service, so we like to go the extra mile and provide optional extras that are truly exceptional. In this regard, the iQ Pool Control system certainly fits the bill.
Intelligent Pool Control
The iQ Pool Control system is a bit like a butler, running away in the background, toiling away diligently without you thinking about it. The iQ Pool Control system uses a range of highly advanced sensors coupled with a computer ‘brain’ to control every aspect of your swimming pool environment. The system takes care of pool lighting, water features, and even the cover if you have one. You can adjust the settings from the comfort of your home and forget about it. So once the sun goes down, you won’t need to remember to turn the pool lights on – your intelligent pool control system will have already done it for you.

Basic system parts

The iQ system consists of five main control devices together with a sophisticated information system that allows for remote operation and pool management using a web based interface:

1. Main Control Unit (MCU)
2. Internal Control Unit (ICU)
3. Outdoor Measurement Device (OMD)
4. Pool Remote Control (PRC)
5. Internet Communication Manager (ICM)

The customer benefits:

  • Complex chemical and technical analysis done by the MCU
  • User friendly remote management of pool controls by the pool and in the home
  • Access to normally invisible data online, iphone, pc etc.
  • The potential of using the minimal amount of chemicals so as to reduce environmental impact
  • More time spent in the pool … less time maintaining it!

Swimming pool maintenance can be a complicated business. Water quality needs to be carefully controlled in order to prevent illnesses caused by poor water quality. The iQ intelligent pool control system takes care of complex chemical and technical analysis. This will enable you to use a minimal amount of chemicals in the water, which is a lot better for your health and also for the environment.
The iQ system is extremely user friendly. The internet communication manager allows users to adjust settings at the poolside, or from other areas of the home. It really is easy – if you need to turn up the water temperature from upstairs, no problem; or if you want to lower the water temperature from the poolside after a hard workout, again, no problem. The management interface also lets you see technical data that would normally be invisible – and it is accessible from any web-enabled device, including iPhones, iPads and computers.
If you would like more information about how the iQ intelligent pool control system can make your life easier, talk to Compass Pools today.

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