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King Cross Residents Complain About Tiny New Swimming Pool

Although London is UK’s capital city, there are only a few opportunities in terms of public facilities. This could be due to the ever-rising population in the major city, which the facilities can no longer effectively support.  According to the Office for National Statistics, the London population expanded by an alarming 100,000 residents and now stands at an enormous 8.3million. With birth rates and immigration rates on the rise, you can only imagine the capital city growing larger and maybe even at a faster pace than it is currently.
Judging by these statistics, you would expect the local councils to invest more into public facilities to create more prospects for the young population of London, which forms the majority of the residents. This is something which has already begun in the Kings Cross area. An area formerly owned by the railway is being developed, not only for social purposes but to also give the area a much-needed face-lift. A basketball court and a large water fountain have since been constructed, which have gained praise from the local residents.
Plans to build a new 25-metre dimension (half of a standard Olympic pool) swimming pool within the area are underway. However, information about the size has received mixed opinions from the public, with most people indicating the swimming pool is too small. Having hosted the 2012 Olympics, you would have imagined the planners would have been inspired to build a swimming pool of the competition’s standard to create opportunities for the aspiring generation of swimmers within the area. The Kingscross.co.uk website also indicates the swimming pool was 0.2% of the whole area under development, which left many individuals baffled about the pool size.
These plans need to be reconsidered as once the area is developed it will be difficult to go back and extend the size of the facility. But then again, why worry about public swimming pools when you can always have your own personal pool installed on your property? Here at Compass pools we offer bespoke services as reputable swimming pool installers. To take advantage of the services we offer contact us on our telephone number 03334567111 or email us at info@www.compass-pools.co.uk.

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