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There’s no denying it – mosaic tiles look stunning in a swimming pool. However, they’re not a particularly practical design as they can be an absolute haven for bacteria growth. We offer a range of mosaic tiles which counteract this problem, yet give the same beautiful effect.
One of Compass Pools unique advantages is that there are no grout lines for bacteria and algae to breed or corners for dirt to get stuck in, and with a smooth continuous surface, no chance of leaks; abrasions to tiny feet, or increased chemical demand.
However at Compass we are always in search of perfection, given the beauty of mosaics we set to work with material engineers to overcome the flaws of a conventional mosaic tiled pool. The solution; a high temperature glass mosaic tile band, with cutting edge installation process to adhere to the ceramic carbon-composite shell.
The majority of the visible area in a pool is on and above the waterline. This is the part you see from the side and visible at eye level when swimming.
Developing the very finest in high temperature glass mosaic, with the luxury tile company Fired Earth, this glass makes the ideal solution as it is incredibly hard and frost resistant; bacteria growth is inhibited due to the smooth pore-less surface and above all, unimaginably beautiful.
Tiles are installed and fixed to the pool on site, utilising pioneering green laser technology to ensure lines are perfectly parallel to the water. They are adhered to the shell using epoxy resin and grout, this is used in hospital operating rooms to ensure no bacteria can breed in the grout lines and maximum adhesion to the substrate (pool shell) is achieved. Epoxy has over one hundred times the strength of conventional tile adhesives, so Compass Pools can provide a long-lasting and robust finish.
Working with Fired Earth, we offer a range of colour and texture options to blend perfectly with the Bi-luminate shell colours of your pool and work seamlessly with the design of the surroundings. From the iridescent tones of copper and pewter, to the lustre of neutral tones. Speak to your pool designer to see samples of these tile options.
*Please note the installation of mosaic tiles is weather and temperature dependant and may add to the installation time of your pool.
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