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Renewable Energy in Your Pool

Here at Compass Pools we offer our customers a variety of different renewable energy solutions to integrate into your swimming pool. This can not only reduce your energy bills, but also help sustain the planet by lowering your carbon footprint.
We fit Air Source heat pumps to all of our outdoor swimming pools as standard so our clients can enjoy outdoor swimming at a comfortable water temperature. Our Air Source heat pumps are designed to work efficiently above 10 degrees Celsius, but they can also work as low as 0 degrees Celsius if you want to extend your swimming season for a bit longer.
Why Use Renewable Energy to Heat a Swimming Pool?
Heating an outdoor swimming pool all year round using a traditional heating source will prove costly, but by making use of renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic panels or a ground source heat pump you can enjoy your pool for a lot longer whilst reducing your energy bills.
The same applies to an indoor pool. In order to maintain a constant water temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, some form of heating will be essential. Renewable energy can help you enjoy your pool all year round, without having to worry about your energy bill.
Different Heating Options from Compass Pools
We can integrate your Compass Pool with a wide variety of different heating methods, including any of the following:

  • Ground Source Heat Pump
  • Air Source Heat Pump On the House
  • Solar – Evacuated Heat Tubes
  • Solar – Black Mat
  • Solid Fuel Boilers – Coal / Logs / Wood Pellets
  • Photo Voltaic Panels
  • (non renewable gas / electric & oil)

In our experience, in order to enjoy the best level of heating for the lowest possible energy expenditure, it is usually preferable to employ a hybrid system that make uses of more than one type of renewable energy source. For example, you could combine a solar heat mat or photo voltaic panels for use during the sunnier months, in combination with a solid fuel boiler for the winter months. This, in combination with a pool cover, will enable you to make use of your outdoor swimming pool for as long as possible, thus ensuring you are able to maximise your investment and enjoy your new pool even during the colder months of the year – or even all year round if you are a truly hardy soul.
If renewable energy swimming pool heating options is something you might be interested in, we are more than happy to advise you on the different options available. Our expert team of swimming pool designers are very knowledgeable and can discuss with you which renewable energy pool heating option would be the most suitable for your swimming pool installation. So if you would like to learn more about the advantages of integrating swimming pool heating with renewable energy sources, talk to Compass Pools today.

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