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Swimming Pool Refurbishment & Renovation Vs Rebuild

At Compass Pools we get hundreds of calls a year from new homeowners who have moved into a house with an old pool. In this article we will explore the options of renovate vs rebuild, and the pros and cons of both.

Signs your pool may need updating

An outdoor swimming pool will be exposed to the elements and so they require plenty of care to keep them in good condition. The ground around your pool has the potential to shrink and expand, which can exacerbate any issues you may face over time. Whether you’ve had your pool for a long time or you’ve moved into a property that already had one, there are some common signs that it may be time to update it.

The first is cracks in the structure of the pool. While this may be alarming to see, there are varying levels of damage that could be at play, and the placement and size of the damage will determine the scale of the issue. Surface level cracks in the concrete are known as craze cracks and while they may lead to other problems if they’re left to develop, they’re not necessarily a reason to immediately refurbish. But structural cracks are a bigger problem and can be costly to fix.

Disused swimming pool

If you have a liner pool, it’s important to note that the liner should typically be replaced every ten years or so to keep it strong and free of tears. Any wrinkling, cracking or tears are a sign that this needs to be replaced. While a new liner can refresh your pool, if there’s damage to the concrete, this will still need to be dealt with.

Another sign that your pool is suffering from age or wear and tear is that the surface has become rough or stained. It’s an indicator of the swimming pool’s overall health and everything from consistent use to unbalanced pH levels can leave it in a less than desirable condition. And once the surface level lifts, it will continue to cause damage to the rest of the pool, so it needs to be dealt with.

Another reason you may need to renovate your pool is that the previous owners may not have cared for it or serviced it properly. If you’re someone who’s moved into a property with a pool already in place, you’re at the mercy of however the previous owners chose to look after the pool. If it’s been neglected, it could leave you with issues to deal with.

First steps of the process is to request an online consultation to talk about your renovation options from our colleagues over at Aqua Revive – Pool Renovation, Restoration & Refurbishment below:

Aqua Revive Pool Renovation

Pros and Cons of refurbishing your pool

Refurbishing updates the look of your swimming pool to restore it to its former glory, and it makes the pool functional again so you can get use out of it without worrying that you’re making the damage worse. It may also be a more affordable option, depending on the level of repair required. For some, refurbishing what’s already in place can be a quicker solution and means less waste of resources.

However, we liken the refurbishment of a pool to the renovation of an old car. But one that you can’t access the underside of. You can re-do the paint, you can fix up the seats, you might even be able to put a few extra options on. But you can’t see the structure (chassis) and the pipework (running gear) as, in a pool’s case, this is underground.

Many pool companies will guarantee their work, but what use is a new paint job if the bodywork is rusted out or likely to deteriorate? The most important point on a pool is the shell itself. Is it structurally sound and was it installed to a good standard? These aren’t things that can be easily ascertained from the outside.

In fact, most pool renovation contractors will exclude any unknowns such as the shell itself, even though this is the most important part of any pool. While it is true that a rubber or PVC liner can be put into a pool to hold water, it’s not so pretty if a huge crack is showing through from underneath.

During a pool renovation job many unexpected things can crop up and whilst the estimate you were provided includes a certain amount of work, the price can quickly increase to above that of knocking the whole thing in and starting again.

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Pros and cons of rebuilding

Starting from scratch with a rebuild of your pool gives you freedom to rethink every aspect of its design, from changing the size and shape to the features it has. You can give your garden a complete makeover and take advantage of redoing the elements of your pool that maybe you weren’t happy with before. You can make the pool bigger to accommodate more people, for example, or upgrade the pool surround to make better use of the whole area.

While rebuilding may seem like more money to pay upfront, it’s money that you can invest into a pool that perfectly meets your vision, rather than having to work with what’s already in place which may limit your design choices.

One of the major benefits of choosing to rebuild your pool is that you can upgrade the filtration and chemical maintenance systems, transitioning the pool from chlorine to saltwater, for example, or simply making use of the latest filtration technology. It can completely transform the way your pool functions and the cost of maintaining it in the future, as well as making your pool more energy efficient.

Your existing pool may be out of date and looking tired, and while refreshing it with a new pool liner or a surface-level refurbishment may be enough to give it a new lease of life, you may want to change the actual style of the pool for something more modern and in keeping with your tastes. From a unique shape to lighting features, or an energy-efficient style, there are many ways to make your pool more contemporary and stylish, and we believe that rebuilding and starting from scratch is the best option.

What does the process of remodelling involve?

Rebuilding your pool may seem like the more time-consuming option, but that’s not the case. At Compass Pools, we offer the quickest pool builds on the market, so from your initial design consultation through to your finished pool, you could be enjoying your new swimming pool sooner than you might think.

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The process will start with the creation of your pool design, looking at the space you have available and the features you want your pool to have. Then, when you’ve decided on what you’d like, we can get to work. We’ll drain the pool and, if you’re changing the shape or size, we’ll dig back as far as necessary to create the desired look. Our one-piece ceramic pools are quick to install and are made to your specifications, meaning we can get them in place faster. Any desired features, such as lights, heating or sound systems, will be installed before we add the water. Finally, we’ll add the chemicals to get the pH of the water right so you can enjoy using your new pool.

At Compass, we do not do renovations, and while our view is biased in this respect, I hope we have explained some of the pitfalls of renovating a pool. If you would like us to put a brand-new pool in, (we can even knock the old one down and put a brand new on in its place) we would love to speak to you.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the process or you’d like to discuss the design of your new pool.

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