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World’s First Indoor Heated Swimming Pool Still in Use

The red stone walls of Mount Stuart certainly contain a lot of history, but what you might not realise from a cursory glance is that they are actually home to the world’s first indoor heated swimming pool. The building, constructed in 1880 on the Isle of Brute upon the ruins of a previous site, has always represented an iconic architectural structure, but its facilities were equally as impressive at the time.
Mount Stuart’s in built electric lighting and central heating system was the first of its kind within Scottish territory, and the original indoor pool, thought to be a world first among built in swimming pools, is still in use today. While the pool is generally closed to the public to better ensure its continued preservation, this important historical site is still just as efficient as it was when it was first constructed more than a century ago.
Typically far smaller than public swimming pools, private outdoor pools only began to regularly appear in the properties of wealthy individuals in the 1950s. Most of these examples were located in the United States; where the warm climate naturally encouraged the use of such a leisure pastime. Indoor pools have seen increasing use in recent years within homes at high latitudes, but the astonishingly early date of the Mount Stuart pool only serves to show how ahead of its time the construction really was.
With the world’s first indoor heated pool still in operation, clearly a well made private swimming pool is an investment that is built to last. Here at Compass Pools, we are still bringing our clients the very best swimming pools on the market, and many of our innovative designs are almost as revolutionary as the Mount Stuart pool proved to be all those years ago. With a range of optional extras including intelligent pool control, pumps that are designed to conserve energy and even pool systems that clean themselves, our extensive range of swimming pool designs really does include something for everyone. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

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