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At Compass Pools London, we keep things beautifully simple. We help our clients in making the right choices for their home and budget – for dream pools, transformed into reality.


Compass Pools in Hampshire: Basingstoke, Andover, Southampton, Portsmouth, Farnborough

When it comes to planning a pool project, most homeowners and businesses find themselves overwhelmed with choice. At Compass Pools, our aim is to listen closely to your needs and budget to guide you through the design process and ultimately install a beautiful, durable swimming pool that you can be proud of for many years to come.

Our swimming pool design and construction services cover the entirety of Hampshire, from Farnborough and Basingstoke to Portsmouth and the New Forest area. The Compass Pools team designs and constructs both indoor pools and outdoor pools, working with your existing project teams (contractors, project managers, designers and landscapers) to ensure a seamless service.

We are proud to have a glowing track record, being part of a network that has over thirty years’ experience and over 30,000 pool installations to their name. For professional swimming pool design and construction in Hampshire, contact Compass Pools today.

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About our pools

What makes a pool from Compass different?

We believe that our exceptional customer service and innovative products are what set us apart from other UK pool builders.

Our company is the exclusive UK supplier of patented Compass pools, which are made from a ceramic composite shell and are offered with a 20-year warranty. This makes them more durable than liner pools, more hygienic than concrete pools and incredibly straightforward to install. Unlike other designs, a Compass pool won’t fade or become stained through exposure to sunlight or chlorine and they are capable of tolerating water heated up to 40°C.

Our skilled team of designers and installers work with every client at every step of the way, maintaining clear communication to ensure the whole project is completed smoothly and to your complete satisfaction.

We will guide you through the design process to help you decide which of our 9 pool shapes, 27 sizes and 12 pool colours (not to mention our various pool accessories) will be the best fit for your home and lifestyle. Our experienced installers will provide you with regular updates so you can keep track of your pool project and, once they’re finished, will leave your home, garden and pool looking immaculate.

What are the drawbacks of concrete pools?

Concrete (also referred to as Gunite or Shotcrete) is commonly used in pool construction. This is because it’s easy to create unique shapes and styles and finish the design with any kind of tile. Plus, construction is possible even in spaces with limited access.

However, concrete pools have some significant vulnerabilities. For example, the rigidity of concrete means that pools have a very low tolerance to ground movement and can crack under stress – water loss is actually expected and accounted for in SPATA design standards for concrete pools.

Concrete also has quite poor insulative properties, meaning that your energy bill will be considerably higher than it would for one of our ceramic pools. Plus, the porous nature of concrete and tile grout provides an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, so you’ll need more chemicals and a stricter routine for cleaning the shell of the pool.

For more information about concrete pools, visit our pros and cons page.

How long does it take to install a pool?

Our pools are delivered in pre-fabricated shells, offering an exceptionally fast installation time. Depending on the timeline of your other on-site trades and landscapers, we can have you swimming in the pool of your dreams within a matter of weeks.

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Your first swim could be far sooner than you imagined

You could be taking your first dip sooner than you think, as the speed of our swimming pool builds and installation doesn’t depend on where in Hampshire you are based. Whether in Hampshire you are, you need only look forward to the fastest installation time of any pool construction method on the market.

Not only this, but Compass Pools are also the greenest in the industry – benefiting from an environmentally controlled construction process.

We design, build and install all types of indoor and outdoor swimming pools such as:

Case Study: XL-Trainer 110 Outdoor Pool New Forest, Hampshire

Outdoor Pool New Forest, Hampshire gallery image 1

Having recently moved into their new home, our client decided to make the most of his outdoor space by installing a pool. Living in the heart of the New Forest meant there were some restrictions on exactly what he could have, but he was open to suggestions from our team and was pleased with the result. Read our full case study here.

Case Study: Family Fun XL-Trainer 110FB Outdoor Pool Installation in Hampshire

Outdoor Pool Installation in Hampshire Gallery image 4

Click here to read the full case study and to see the completed project.

If you have any questions about our swimming pool design and build service in Hampshire, please feel free to contact us via our contact page or by calling 333 4567 111. Our goal is to make sure you have all the information you need and we’ll be happy to help you decide if a pool is the right decision for your family and, if so, the most suitable pool for your lifestyle.

Should you wish to get an online quote today, try using our quick online quote tool. If you are looking for a team of exceptional swimming pool builders in Hampshire or anywhere along the south coast, please get in touch.

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