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Case Study

Freshwater Outdoor Pool Installation in Poole, Dorset

Swimming Pool Installation Dorset - Case Study Our client had a ‘seize-the-day’ moment when she decided to install a pool in her new back garden. She had wanted one for years, but never had the space or budget, but after a relocation and cancer diagnosis, she was ready to build the outdoor space she had always dreamed of.
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The Brief

Our client had always loved the idea of having a pool, but it wasn’t until she moved home in April 2021 that it suddenly became a possibility. She was also diagnosed with kidney cancer and decided that it was a now-or-never purchase.

The client had done some research on the pros and cons of different types of pools prior to contacting us. She also had some knowledge of what she wanted due to having a natural spring hot tub in her previous home. She liked the idea of a freshwater pool that needed fewer chemicals and she wanted to keep her energy costs and environmental impact as low as possible. She also wanted a pool with a long-term guarantee that wouldn’t need parts to be replaced too often.

She found that these specifications really reduced her options and increased her initial outgoing costs. To budget for this, she chose an external company to dig the hole. This allowed her to spend more money on ensuring the pool was as low maintenance as possible.

The Design

The client chose an 8m long Fun 80 Nova Pearl Pool which we installed with a crane once the hole was ready. We added granite coping to the edge, which the client matched to her patio so that she could extend the space, creating a seating area beside the pool. In fact, the client decided to renovate the entire outdoor area, adding an outdoor toilet, summer house and planters and replacing all the fencing, as a result of purchasing a pool.

To reduce the amount of time the client would need to spend maintaining the pool, we included auto-dosing and a comfort cover with remote. Energy and environmental considerations were added in the form of an eco-pump and polycarbonate solar slats. The design also included:

  • Fresh Water
  • ABS fitting
  • 2 Multicolour Lights
  • All Season Heat Pump

These features helped the client to make the most of her luxury purchase.

The Challenges

The client had built a system for backwashing water into her grounds when landscaping and digging the hole for the pool. However, during the first backwash, it was clear that this was not nearly big enough. Her garden flooded and washed away new borders that had been created.

We ended up creating two new avenues for the backwash water, ensuring backwashing the pool would not be an issue in the future.

The Outcome

The best news of all is that the client is now cancer-free and able to enjoy her new pool! She is in the water several times a week and always at the weekend. In the summer, she regularly entertains her young grandchildren after nursery, who love a dip in the pool!

She is delighted with the 20-year warranty and admits that “the Waterstream team have been exceptional.”

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