How much does a full indoor pool construction cost?

Building an indoor pool is formed of several parts. Essentially, you are paying for an extension on your house plus the cost of an outdoor pool and the mechanics to handle the air in the room.

To summarise some rough costings, these are subject to specification and can exceed these numbers, also subject to local price variations, indoor pool design will affect cost per square metre:

  1. Building Costs – £800 – £2,000 per m2 of building area
    (minimum building size will exceed the pool size by 1m in the width and 2m in the length plus 9m2 for plant room)
  2. Pool Cost – £1,500 – £3,000 per m2 of swim area
    (this will depend on a number of factors including specification, depth and pool type)
  3. Pool Cover – £1,000 – £16,000
    Choices ranging from a floating bubble cover through to an automatic floating safety cover. They are mandatory to stop moisture damaging the building.
  4. Air Handling – £175 – £250 per m3 of building volume (find out more)
    (this will depend on the amount of glass within the building and required building height)
    NB: Savings can be made on air handling systems using non-ducted units, at a cost of between £4,000 and £12,000 but this will cause condensation within the room and on glass areas.

Basic Costing Example

The example below illustrates a medium pool spec and building, built to a medium quality.

  1. Building
    12mx5m = 60m2
    60m2+9m2 = 64m2
    69m2 x £1,200 = £82,800
  2. Pool 
    10m x 4m = 40m2
    40m2 x £1,500 = £60,000
  3. Cover
    £12,000, Floating white automatic safety cover.
  4. Air handling
    12m(l) x 5m(w) x 2.4m(h) = 144m3
    144m3 x £175 = £25,200
  5. Total Cost = £180,000 


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