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Common swimming pool design mistakes and how to avoid them

There’s no denying that designing a swimming pool is a big undertaking, but if you’re not careful, you could become the victim of some common design mistakes that will leave you with a pool that isn’t what you envisioned. For a swimming pool that’s beautiful, practical and adds value to your property, read on for the most common design mistakes we see and how you can avoid them.

Not thinking long-term

We understand how exciting it is to design your dream swimming pool. But it’s a big undertaking and an investment into your home, so you want to think long-term. How will the pool transform your outdoor space once it’s completed? Will you stick with the design you’ve chosen or do you think you might like to extend or amend it at a later date, such as adding in more custom features or an outdoor kitchen or bar area?

Depending on what you have in mind for the future, you need to be clear on what is feasible right now, and see whether your long-term vision is achievable.

Neglecting shade

Everyone wants to lounge in the sunshine, but shade is actually an important component of your outdoor pool design – and it’s one that’s often overlooked. Not everyone wants to spend the whole day sitting in the sun and it can be nice to have a break from swimming and splashing around, as well as giving kids a place to stay outside without getting too much sun which can be harmful for the skin.

Shaded areas by the pool are great gathering places and they can actually change the duration of pool use, giving everyone the chance to remain outside together without necessarily needing to be in the pool or sun.

You may want to position a well-placed umbrella or awning on the patio or adjacent to the pool, or you might want to reconsider where the pool is installed if you have taller trees in your garden, as these can serve as your source of natural shade. Want something more glamourous and elaborate? An in-built swim-up bar with an overhanging roof is the perfect solution.

Skipping the landscaping around your pool

The landscaping around your pool is just as important as the pool itself and enhances your overall enjoyment of the space. Yet so many homeowners neglect to think about how this area will look once the pool is installed. From the materials you choose for your patio to the types of plants you have around the swimming area, every detail matters.

For example, if you select plants that attract a lot of bees and insects to an area where you and your family will be spending a lot of time, it could impact the time you spend in and around the pool. Likewise, if you have large trees too close to the pool, the roots could end up lifting the patio material, so these details need to be considered.

Not coordinating the colour and style of fittings

Pool features don’t just make your home swimming pool more fun and enjoyable to use, but they can significantly impact the look of your pool and even improve the return on investment if you sell your home in the future. So, you don’t want to overlook them. A simple, traditional pool is perfectly fine but if you can enhance the design with water features, lights or the latest in pool materials or maintenance equipment, it can make all the difference to the end result.

A custom pool is the perfect way to ensure that the swimming pool you end up with has all the features you need it to have. But coordinating all those features, in particular the way they look, is the key to ending up with a swimming pool that’s aesthetically pleasing.

The right coloured fittings will tie everything together and make your pool look more cohesive, and fortunately the likes of drain lines and skimmers come in a variety of colours. You can customise the colour of your pool liner too. Similarly, make sure that the style of the features you pick work well with the style of pool you’ve chosen – if you opt for a very modern shape and style, for example, look to add similar fittings that won’t look out of place.

Forgetting to analyse the landscape of your garden

A costly mistake is not analysing the landscape of your garden before you install your pool. Some landscapes simply can’t accommodate certain pool designs, so before you settle on the design and style, make sure you check with your pool contractors to make sure it’s feasible with your garden. You might find that your options are vast if you have a relatively even garden, but if it’s uneven or more complex based on the soil conditions or gradient of the garden, you might have to rethink the style you install.

Skimping on the lighting

Swimming pools years ago had a single white light installed in the deep end of the pool. And being selective with the lights might save you money, but it will impact the overall look of your pool considerably. LED technology means illuminating your swimming pool is so much easier and you can create some truly wonderful effects if you’re clever with your design.

LED lighting is not only high performing but also energy efficient and comes in a range of colours, so you can create a stunning attraction that makes your pool really sing at night. From pinks and reds to white, blue and green, LEDs will bring your vision to life and enables you to use your pool at night with much greater ease. We can install control systems that make it easy to play with different effects too, from bold static colours or a cycle through different shades and synchronising the colours depending on your mood.

Employing unreliable contractors

You might think you’re saving money by going with the cheapest contractors you can find, but it’s a false economy. Further down the line, cheap work will wind up costing you more, and it will certainly result in a lot more hassle for you. A cheap pool construction company won’t deliver the right standard of work or use quality materials and fittings, which means your swimming pool won’t meet your expectations.

An experienced, reliable pool construction company will save you money in the long-term and you’ll be far happier with the swimming pool you end up with, which is designed to cater to your budget, your home and garden, and your unique requirements.

At Compass Pools, we’ve designed, built and installed thousands of beautiful swimming pools for our customers over the course of the last three decades, so we can help you avoid any costly, time-consuming mistakes. We have a talented team of pool builders who will ensure every detail is considered for longevity. Get in touch with us today to discuss your ideas or to receive a quote.

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