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Creating a family-friendly swimming pool

There are so many benefits to swimming with your children. Not only does it help everyone to stay active and fit, it’s also a fantastic way to enjoy quality time as a family. Putting a pool in your home can help to make exercise a regular fixture in a hectic family life as well as encouraging your children to develop healthy habits. There’s no question that building a pool is a big project. But with the right help, you can create one that’s perfect for your family and your home.

Where to build your pool

Once you’ve decided to take the plunge and add a pool to your home, one of the first things to think about is where to site it. The attractions of building your pool indoors are obvious. An indoor pool can be used all year-round as, unlike the outdoor variety, it does not need to be shut down over the winter. Yet an outdoor pool also has its advantages. It is a great centrepiece for a garden and will come into its own during the long summer holidays when everyone wants to be outdoors soaking up the sunshine.

Think about depth

It’s entirely up to you how deep you want your pool to be. Most family pools should be a minimum of three feet deep to accommodate both adults and children. Adults and older children who plan to do laps will require a minimum of five feet, however. A good option to accommodate the changing needs of a growing family is to create an L-shaped pool with a shallow ‘wading area’ at one end and a deeper, longer leg suitable for laps.

Safety first

A key consideration in making a pool family-friendly is safety. Adding a pool to your home can be a great way of teaching kids to swim or to build on skills they have learnt in school lessons. But even children that are confident swimmers should never be left unattended in or near a pool. To keep them as safe as possible, security is paramount.

Secure the pool

A fence is a fail-safe way to keep kids and animals away from the water. Glass is one of the strongest – and least intrusive –

options for a permanent barrier or you could choose a roll-away automatic pool cover if you prefer a flexible alternative. Pool covers are another essential for those with young children. Once in place, they can hold a great deal of weight so offer reassurance that, should anyone fall into the pool, they will remain safe. They will also help keep debris out of the water when it’s not in use.

Choose the right materials

By choosing non-slip flooring to surround your pool you can rest assured no one will go flying – even as everyone scrambles to be the first in the water. Natural stone is a popular choice; those that contain high levels of quartz are the least slippery. Or you may prefer marble or granite treated with an anti-slip coating. Another option is anti-slip tiles, which give limitless possibilities in terms of colour and style. There’s no need to compromise on appearance either; the latest variety combine style and function.

Test the water

Maintaining the quality of the water in your pool is essential in making sure it’s safe for swimming. Weekly maintenance should include checking the water level and topping up if necessary, cleaning filters, checking the pH balance of the water and topping up chemicals when needed. Chlorine and bromine are two of the most popular treatments for sanitising pools and you’ll need to get acquainted with the correct levels for your particular pool.

Have fun

A pool has the potential to be a great play area but for peace of mind, make sure any toys used in the water are safe. Check inflatables regularly for any punctures and make sure they are kept in the pool when you’re using it, rather than by the side where they could represent a trip hazard. Keep a lifebuoy easily accessible along with a first aid kit for any cuts or grazes poolside. Once you’re set up, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy your new pool in the company of your nearest and dearest.

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