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Plan to Close Bradford Swimming Pools Delayed

A recent plan to install new facilities within four existing Bradford swimming pools has met with widespread public protests. The executive decision of the Bradford Council had elected to close the Bingley, Bowling, Queensbury and Odsal swimming pools, and replace them with new, allegedly more efficient pools for a total cost of £17 million. However, the decision has now been subjected to further scrutiny, following concerns that the renovations had been decided upon without taking into account the entirety of the situation.
The protests have targeted the social and economic issues that will potentially be created by the new swimming pools, whilst those in favour of the redevelopments have emphasised the inefficiencies of the current installations. The existing pools have been described as ‘outdated’, and require high running and maintenance costs to keep them operational. The new proposals have been forecast to save the council more than £1.5 million in running costs every year, but this projection has not served to dissuade the protest group, who have mustered a petition with 3,000 signatures in order to halt the project.
Bradford Council has been praised for taking the concerns of its community into account, but this situation has certainly served to emphasise the role that swimming pool facilities actually play within local neighbourhoods. Swimming pools have been subjected to closure at an alarming rate within the recession climate, as the government desperately tried to cut down and save money wherever possible. However such reductions in pool facilities merely serve to hurt the health of the population, depriving people of easy access to one of the best forms of exercise that there is.
The Bradford situation has at least highlighted a new willingness to refurbish swimming pools, rather than close them, but for some people the opportunity might well exist to purchase their own private pool. The first question that is typically asked is ‘how much does it cost to install a swimming pool?’ Many people are put off by the expensive costs of high end pools, but here at Compass Ceramic Pools we specialise in providing a full range of swimming pool installations that are suitable for a huge range of budgets.
The advantages of owning your own pool are significant, and you’ll always be certain of an easily accessible place for your (and your friends) to relax, no matter what the situation might be at your local public pools. At Compass Ceramic Pools, we will always take the time to consider your individual needs and then tailor your pool installation to meet these exact requirements. Please feel free to contact our team of professional swimming pool builders for more information; a private swimming pool might not be as out of reach as you think.

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