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Why You Should Splash Out on a Pool this Winter

You might think that winter is the worst possible time to buy and construct a swimming pool in your back yard due to the poor weather, dark evenings and lack of opportunities to use it.

Think again. With the array of swimming pool design options that Compass have on offer, you can create a pool during winter that is suitable for all seasons, and that can make your garden into a year-round paradise. After all, if you buy a pool that you can use all year round rather than just in summer, it’s a far more worthy investment.
Make it your “Winter Project”. Some people always need a project. Others particularly need one in winter to keep them focussed through the more dreary months. If you are looking for a project to keep you excited and motivated, then what better pursuit than to help design and build a back-yard pool? It could be to improve your own home, or maybe you’re building it in your second home or holiday home to make your summer trips there even more exciting? Either way, it’s sure to keep you occupied throughout winter.

A pool isn’t just for Christmas

Do you have relatives who seem to have everything and you don’t know what you should buy them? Why not make their Christmas and their year with one big, joint present? A pool could be the best Christmas present your family ever receive, and with our expert swimming pool installers, we could have your swimming pool up and running in a matter of days. What’s more, if you opt for pool heating you could be splashing around as soon as Boxing Day.

Prepare for summer

Imagine this; summer comes around in all its glory, with days of endless sunshine and 20+ temperatures. You decide that now is a great time to invest in a pool as you didn’t pay for a holiday this year. You arrange for your pool to be installed in August when you have free time to oversee the project. Your pool is finished and ready to be used by mid August, and then the heavens open and you don’t get a chance to use it for months on end. Winter is the best time to install a pool because you’re not using your garden at this time, and once the weather gets better you won’t miss a day if it.

Keep that winter waist line at bay

When the bad weather becomes common you are suddenly put off jogging, sporty seasons come to an end and you end up sitting around more, watching TV and eating comfort food. By investing in a pool now you can keep the pounds down by exercising in your wonderful new facility. Obviously the cost is more expensive than joining a gym, but you’ll be far more motivated if it’s in your own back yard! Here at Compass pools we offer many all-season options including insulated, covered and indoor pools.

A pool lasts longer than a holiday

Swimming on holiday is amazing, as you can exercise or relax. But what if you had that feeling at home all the time? Holidays are all too short and, once you come home, that’s the end of luxuries. A pool means you can enjoy that summer feeling at home, any time you like. Explore our swimming pool design options to find one that suits your lifestyle. From simple non-heated outdoor pools, to self-cleaning eco pools and gorgeous indoor installations, we’ve got what you need to always enjoy that holiday feeling.

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To learn more about our services, we will send you a free copy of our latest brochure.