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Natural swimming pools are the ultimate in garden living, allowing you to swim outdoors in a pool that is free from chlorine and other harmful chemicals. Compass have developed the most technologically advanced pool yet, eliminating many of the risks associated with traditional natural swimming pools.

A natural swimming pool utilizes reed bed technology to filter out dirt from the water naturally. Historically, they have used large areas of bed with a simple pump to circulate. This is fine in the cold circulating water of a river or stream where the water is cold and the water is constantly being refreshed, however in a single body of water this theory is flawed.

To keep bacteria at bay, temperatures should be maintained at 5°C or below, however, this is too cold for most pool owners! Our specially-designed heat siphon will both heat the water on a cold day and cool the water on a hot day ensures the perfect temperature.

The concrete construction of most natural pools also creates a porous environment, which can harbour bacteria growth. To prevent this, at Compass Pools we offer the first non-porous natural pool in the UK, in a variety of natural colours.

Keeping leaves and debris out of the water is the most important part of keeping a natural pool free from bacteria, as decomposing vegetation produces nitrogen that feed the bacteria. Conventional pools prevent this with floating covers, which benefit the water in a number of ways;

  1. Keeping the dirt out
  2. Capturing sunlight to raise the temperature by as much as 5 degrees, also reducing running costs
  3. Eliminating evaporation to save water and energy – heat loss is reduced from 90% to 1-2%
  4. Preventing algae from growing by reducing sunlight and UV (also done using chlorine)

Unfortunately, a cover is not possible in most natural pools as the fluctuating temperature in summer would create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, however this can be overcome using our unique heating system.

A combination of a reed bed filter and our distributed 03 system will add oxygen molecules (ozone) around the floor of the swimming pool, jetting them to cover its entire surface. This will kill any bacteria that is introduced (inevitably through human or animal contact), systematically move dirt and debris into the filter system and prevent stagnant areas of water likely to harbour bacteria growth.

The reed bed and filter system

Our reed bed system is typically 25% the surface area of the pool, located lower than the main body to ensure any dirt that hits the surface of the pool is taken away to the filter system. The reed bed uses multiple layers of reeds grown hydroponically so there is no dirt to contaminate the water. The reed bed is linked to an eco-pump, which intelligently varies the speed of the pump to reduce noise and use up to 80% more energy than a conventional pump.

Once through the reed bed, the water will pass through two filters; a high-flow filter and a low-flow filter; then onto a contained light ray tube to kill off any remaining bacteria and pump out fresh water.

Every natural pool sold by Compass Pools is supported with free monthly microbiological testing for two years, reassuring you that your filtration is working as it should, and your family are safe to swim.

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