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Natural swimming pools are the ultimate in garden living. Free from chlorine and other harmful chemicals.  Compass have developed the most technologically advanced pool yet, eliminating many of the risks associated with traditional natural swimming pools.

A natural swimming pool utilizes reed bed technology to filter out dirt from the water naturally. Historically they have used large areas of bed with a simple pump to circulate. This is fine in the cold circulating water of a river or stream where the water is cold and the water is constantly being refreshed, however in a single body of water, that, for most would be too cold to swim, this theory is flawed.

Most pool owners will want to heat their pool above the 5 degrees that bacteria are dormant at: (the reason why refrigerate food to bellow 5 degrees)

The curve of bacteria growth is an exponential one, so keeping the pool at a steady temperature is the only way to ensure this is achieve  Our specially designed heat siphon that will both heat the water on a cold day and cool the water on a hot day ensures the perfect temperature.

As we all know, bacteria likes to grow in crevices  like a sponge, when magnified, a concrete pool or liner resembles such a sponge with lots of crevices for the bacteria to grow. A compass pool changes this, the first non porous natural pool in the UK in a variety of natural colors.

Keeping the water free of leaves and debris is the most important part of keeping a natural pool free from bacteria as vegetation will quickly rot and produce nitrogen that bacteria love. The way this is normally done in a conventional pool is with floating cover, this has four benefits.

  1. It keeps the dirt out
  2. It raises the temperature by as much as 5 degrees by capturing the energy from the sun and reducing running costs
  3. It saves energy and water, by eliminating evaporation 90% of the heat loss from the pool is reduced to 1-2% and saves precious water
  4. It stops algae growing (normally the responsibility of chlorine) by reducing sunlight and UV

Unfortunately in most natural pools this can not be achieved as in the summer months benefit 2 above would proved the perfect breading ground for bacteria, however, because our unique heating system we can over come this.

Unfortunately bacteria at some point will be introduced into the pool, normal from humans or animals which has to be killed to prevent it multiplying. In a compass pool this is done with a combination of devices. Firstly by the reed bed, then by a distributed 03 system adds oxygen molecules (ozone) around the floor of the swimming pool jetting them to cover the entire surface of the pool.  This not only kills bacteria ( but it serves two other purposes. By operating the jets in sequence any dirt is systematically move into the filter system to be taken away reducing the likely hood of any leaves that have managed to get under the cover from rotting down. Further more by moving the water around the whole area of the pool there are no stagnant areas of water likely to harbor bacteria, and no hot or cold spots where it is able to bread just like the flow of a river.

The reed bed and filter system

Our reed bed system is typically 25% the surface area of the pool, located lower than the main body to ensure any dirt that hits the surface of the pool is taken away to the filter system. The read bed uses multiple layers of reeds grown hydroponically so there is no dirt to contaminate the water. This is linking to an eco pump that intelligently varies the speed of the pump, not only to save energy by as much as 80% compared to a conventional pump, but also to reduce noise.

Once through the reed bed the water will pass through two filter, a high flow filter and a low flow filter, then onto a light ray tube that is completely contained and kills 100% of the bacteria  leaving nothing but fresh water behind.

Every natural pool sold is further backed up for your piece of mind with 2 years free monthly microbiological test to prove your pool is working as it should and your family are safe to swim.

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