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Natural Swimming Pools

Natural swimming pools are fast growing in popularity in the UK. From a number of perspectives, they offer something that almost all homeowners would want – the opportunity to swim outdoors in water that is free from chemicals like chlorine and does not damage the environment. At Compass Pools we have years of experience in providing high quality natural pools to properties across the country.

We utilise the most advanced forms of natural pool technology to eliminate many of the disadvantages traditionally associated with these types of pool. If you are interesting in having one installed at your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Natural swimming pools without harmful chemicals

One of the major advantages of a natural pool is that they do not use chemicals in order to keep the water clean. This has a number of benefits – firstly, there is no need to pay for the constant expense of buying chemicals, and additionally because the chemicals used to keep out bacteria can dry out your skin and sting your eyes, even when used in the correct amounts.

Using reed bed technology, our pools are not toxic to the plants around them. Having a natural pool not only means that you avoid coming into contact with harmful chemicals, it also looks fantastic in your garden.

Non-porous and free from bacteria

Traditionally swimming natural pools have a number of complications which make them challenging to build and maintain. Natural pools mimic a river or stream environment with a reed bed and a pump that keeps the water circulating so that the water is constantly refreshed. But in such a small body of water it is necessary to keep temperatures at 5oC or below to keep bacteria at bay – obviously this is much too cold for the majority of pool owners.

Most pools are built using concrete which is not really suitable for a natural pool as it is a porous environment that easily harbours bacteria. At Compass Pools we only use carbon ceramic composite which is entirely non-porous. This means that bacteria is kept out of your natural pool so it is safe to heat the pool to a more pleasant temperature.

How our eco-friendly pools work

One of the easiest ways for bacteria to enter a natural pool is through debris and vegetation falling in, so we have created a system that is able to overcome this issue. Using a combination of a reed bed and a filter, our O3 system adds oxygen molecules around the floor of the pool and jets them to cover its entire surface. This kills any bacteria that enters the pool by moving debris and dirt into the filter and preventing stagnant areas of water, which can harbour bacteria.

Our reed bed system is typically 25% of the surface area of the pool and is located below the main body so that dirt that hits the surface can be taken away by the filter system. Once through the reed bed, water passes through both a high-flow and a low-filter and then onto a contained light ray tube to kill off any remaining bacteria. Fresh water is then pumped back out.

Every natural pool that we sell comes with free monthly microbiological testing for two years so that you feel completely confident in the cleanliness of the water.

Find out more

If you are interested in learning more about the natural pools offered by Compass Pools please get in contact with us today by calling on 0333 4567 111 or emailing

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