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Fastlane by Endless Pools

Re Invent your Exercise

If you’re thinking of investing in a swimming pool but don’t have either the budget or space for a larger pool, that’s no problem. Thanks to the HydroStar by Binder or Fastlane by Endless Pools, these will give you the ability to still exercise in your pool; providing you with a current to swim against without actually moving.

Here at Compass Pools, we specialise in the installation of ceramic in-ground pools that not only look fantastic but are easy to maintain and highly durable as well. However, on top of this, we can also equip your pool with a HydroStar or Fastlane system, providing you with excellent value for money and a popular option many of our customers decide to go for.

What Is a Fastlane by Endless Swimming Pools?

Hydrostar Endless Pools image
Hydrostar by Binder Pictured above

The Fastlane is one option made by Endless Pools in the USA for a exercise current. The Endless Pool on its own is a specific type of Liner pool made from galvanised steel panels that we don’t sell but we can add the propulsion unit (the Fastlane) to most Compass Pools. The HydroStar and Fastlane systems are excercise devices that, add a current to your swimming pool for you to then swim against. Thanks to the hydraulic pump or turbine each system uses, this produces a wall of water that is perfectly smooth and free from bubbles. You can then set the pace in which you want to swim, matching it up to your current level of ability.

The team at Endless Pools have developed the perfect current pool system that is incredibly easy to use. Thanks to their systems, you will feel the same smooth current for the entire depth of your stroke, not only creating the perfect environment for training but also helping transform even the smallest of pools into serious exercise pools.

Swimming in a ‘current pool’, also knows as “swim spas”, is very similar to swimming against the current in a river. It enables you to swim continually and not be interrupted by turning, enabling you to improve your stamina, correct your strokes and – fundamentally – have more fun. In effect, when using a current pool, you virtually swim on the same spot for the entire session.


Compass Fit by compass pools


  • Model

    • Compass Swim 50 Fit 50 £ 19,995

    • 5m x 2.45m x 1.35m

      5m x 2.45m x 1.35m

    • Compass Swim 60 Fit 60 £ 24,995

    • 6m x 2.45m x 1.35m

      6m x 2.45m x 1.35m

    • Product shown in renders is the Fit 60

      Product shown in renders is the Fit 60

  • Colour

    • 1 Nova Navy

    • 1 Nova Gray

    • 1 Nova Gray £ 499

  • Fitness

    • No Fitness Equipment

    • 150m3 Turbine £ 7,995

    • 200m3 Pro Turbine £ 14,995

    • Endless Pool Fastlane £ 9,995

    • Profesional athletes should select the 200m3 pro turbine. Fastlane only compatible with Fit 60.

      Profesional athletes should select the 200m3 pro turbine. Fastlane only compatible with Fit 60.

  • Heating

    • 3 KW Electric Heater

    • All Season Heat and Chill £ 2,995

    • Will Heat the Pool to 28 degrees at 0 degrees air temperature. Requires separate power supply.

      Will Heat the Pool to 28 degrees at 0 degrees air temperature. Requires separate power supply.

  • Cover

    • Floating Thermal Cover

    • Electric Cover £ 8,995

  • Lights

    • White Led Light

    • Full Spectrum Light £ 695

  • Installation

    • Above Ground Installation £ 3,995

    • Partial In Ground Installation £ 8,995

    • Full In Ground Installation £ 11,995

    • Installation excludes: Excavation, Power Supply or Landscaping / Decking round the Pool. Shell does not have sides.

      Installation excludes: Excavation, Power Supply or Landscaping / Decking round the Pool. Shell does not have sides.

  • Delivery

    • Trailer Delivery £ 695

    • Delivery & Offload (kerbside) £ 1,695

    • Delivery and Hiab (32m Max) £ 2,995

    • Installation based on Mainland UK with access for an HGV

      Installation based on Mainland UK with access for an HGV

Total Price (inc vat) £ 0
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Compass Fit

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The Key Questions

Before you invest in an swim system such as a fastlane by endless swimming pool or a turbine by binder, it’s imperative to do your research in advance. Here are a few of the questions you should be asking yourself when it comes to starting your research.

  • How much space do I have available?
  • How can I fill this space most effectively?
  • What will I be using my swimming pool for?
  • While I will only be using the pool for exercise, will my friends or family want to use the pool for fun?
  • How many strokes will I be able to do in one length of the pool?
  • How much will adding a Fastlane increase the potential of my swimming pool?
  • How much time will I have available for pool maintenance?
  • How much money will I have for the ongoing pool costs?
  • Once I have invested in a pool, how long should it last for?
  • If I am investing in a pool, how important are the aesthetics?

Your Very Own Lap Pool

Testing a Binder Hydrostar 160 at the Slovakian National Triathlon in a Compass Fit 50

Even the most serious of swimmers will see great benefits from adding a HydroStar or Fastlane system to their Compass swimming pool. Not only can you set the speed of the current to be as fast as you like but, if you are training for a long-distance open water swim, you can also set a timer for you to swim to.

It’s safe to say, after all, that most people don’t have enough space for their very own Olympic-sized pool, resulting in the inconvenience of having to share lanes at the local leisure centre. It’s for this reason why so many swimmers decide to add a HydroStar or Fastlane into their lap pool or swim spa.

Professionals or serious amateurs may be tempted by the traditional lap pool design to cut costs and utilise the space they have available. However, lap pools need to realistically be at least 25m long (half the size of an Olympic pool) for it to be worthwhile. Therefore, if your lap pool falls shorter than this, you will find that the number of turns you need to do will hinder both your stamina and stroke technique.

At Compass Pools, we can fit a bespoke lap pool which perfectly fits into the space you have available, adding Endless Pool technology to create the effect of having a much larger pool.

Plus, by installing these systems in your Compass Pool, this will provide you with the bonus of being able to use training aids, such as fins, without worrying about accidentally damaging the pool’s liner. Since Compass Pools are exceptionally strong and easy to maintain, this means you won’t need to have any unplanned breaks in your training while getting your pool fixed.

Stay Healthy With a Fastlane by Endless Pool

Fastlane unit by endless pools during installationEndless Pools Fastlane during installation in a Compass Pools XL Trainer 110.


Binder Hydrostar installed
Binder Hydrostar Professional installed in a Compass Pools Fun 100

Not all of our customers are professional swimmers and, in fact, most simply use Endless Pools technology for exercise purposes. This is because the benefits of swimming are immense, allowing you to work your entire body and build up your cardiovascular fitness without impacting your joints and tendons.

Swimming is also a very enjoyable form of exercise that is suitable for all ability levels. As such, you don’t need to have the perfect technique in order to have an effective and pleasurable workout.

Since lifestyles often get busy and working hours become longer, it can be very hard to get enough exercise to keep healthy and feel good. Over time, exercise can soon feel like a chore – something you’ll get around to doing if you feel like it.

However, that way of thinking all changes when you have your own fitness pool available. Using the HydroStar or Fastlane system by Endless Pools will increase your fitness without you even realising. Plus, there will be a lower risk of you suffering any injuries and you’ll be able to perform it daily since swimming is such a low-impact sport.

Similarly, even on days when you don’t want to exercise, you’ll also be able to use your pool simply as a pool – somewhere to laze around in on those hot summer days.

Resistance Pools Help With Rehabilitation

Endless swimming pools are not only great for those wanting to improve their fitness – they are also highly effective for people trying to recover from an injury or illness.

Many forms of exercise are unsuitable for those wanting to regain strength and movement after an injury or illness. Injuries such as tendon damage can have a long and frustrating recovery period, after all, as putting weight on the damaged tendon can often result in further damage, extending the recovery time required.

By exercising in the water though, much of the body weight is supported, helping you avoid accidental fast or jerking movements. This, in turn, can help people struggling with a muscular injury recover their strength more quickly, in a similar vein to how exercises like aqua jogging or aqua aerobics help individuals who are physically weak.

Having a resistance pool, in effect, takes the benefits of aqua exercise even further. By having an adjustable current available, this means that your strength can slowly be built up as you walk or run against it. As a result, this helps you regain the strength required to overcome an injury more quickly.

Not only that but exercising in water can also help you from a mental perspective as well. Since exercise is such a key factor for improving mental health, resistance pools offer are a very fun way to exercise and progress your physical rehab at a much quicker rate. This, in turn, helps bring feelings of positivity and hope into what can often be a difficult time.

The flexibility of the HydroStar or Fastlane technology in your Compass Pool also means you can set the current to meet your exact needs; switch it off altogether while warming up and then increase the speed when you are ready.

Likewise, resistance pools, swim spas, also give you the option of using different equipment during your exercise. Since Compass pools are so strong and durable, they can withstand a wide range of equipment that standard liner pools may not be able to deal with.

The Luxury Of A Swim Spa

If you take your relaxation as seriously as you take your exercise, then you may be considering a swim spa as an option for your home. So, why not get the best of both worlds – a pool which acts as both a swim spa and exercise pool when required?

Lounging in a hot tub is the perfect way to unwind at the end of a long day, after all, whereas adding Endless Pools technology will also allow you to also get some exercise.

Fitness Pool Experts

When it comes to choosing a fitness pool, there is a lot of information to take in. From the right technology to the right pool, it can be difficult to know what exactly is worth spending your hard-earned money on.

Here at Compass Pools, we understand swimming pools better than most and our team have all the expertise required to help you make the right choice. Whether you’re looking to install a pool for serious swim training, lounging around in or rehab purposes, we can utilise the space you have available to identify a bespoke solution.

To find out more about our Endless Pools technology, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today to either request a brochure or have a free, no-obligation chat with us about your requirements.

HydroStar vs Fastlane Comparison

Binder Hydrostar Logo
Safety voltage HydroStar is working on a safety voltage of 24VDC into the swimming pool. Fastlane is working on hydraulic oil.
Hair entrapment HydroStar meets standard for hair entrapment test DIN EN 13451-3. Fastlane does not currently have this information available.
Motor and power unit access The HydroStar motor is maintenance free and needs no extra access.
Fastlane swim and power unit are not maintenance free and access is necessary.
Swimming flow
Because of the unique blade construction, HyroStar generates a wide swimming flow on the entire body. Even your legs will be pushed upwards, which makes swimming very comfortable.
Fastlane creates a swimming flow at the top of the water.
Noise The HydroStar motor is very quiet and makes swimming pleasant. The Fastlane power unit makes significantly more noise.
Swimming against the current HydroStar 160 makes it harder to swim against the water current. This is estimated by our customers. In comparison, the Fastlane 5hP unit makes it easer. This is estimated by our customers.
Display up to 70” with individual trainings program available with
speed, distance and time. This also works on Android devices and an app is currently available.
Fastlane does not currently have this information available.
Power consumption 1350 Watt. 3750 Watt.
AMP HydroStar requires a single 6-Amp, 230VAC GFCI circuit to operate.
Fastlane requires a single 30-Amp, 220VAC GFCI circuit to operate.
Cables HydroStar installation is very easy and only needs a 24VDC cable. Fastlane needs hydraulic hoses 18 bar pressure
Cover plate The HydroStar cover plate is in line with the swimming pool wall made from stainless steel to be astheticly pleasing The Fastlane cover plate is an obstacle in the swimming pool and made from acyrlic.
Cover installation Slatted Cover installation with HydroStar very easy as it is below the water line behind the wall. Cover installation with Fastlane is more complicated as the cover has to be shaped to fit round the unit.
Fastlane by endless pools installed in compass xl trainer 110.
Fastlane by endless pools installed in compass xl trainer 110.

Fastlane installed in an XL Trainer 110

Pictured here a fastlane by Endless Pools installed in an XL trainer 110 in Bedfordshire.

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