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Fastlane by Endless Pools in your Compass Pool

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If you are thinking of investing in a swimming pool but don’t have either the budget or space for a larger pool, don’t worry. Using a Fastlane system by Endless Pools, you will still be able to exercise in your pool. This provides a current for you to swim against without moving.
Compass Pools specialise in ceramic in-ground pools that not only look fantastic, but are also easy to maintain and highly durable. As an added extra we offer a Fastlane by Endless Pools. The combination of a Fastlane with a highly durable ceramic pool –– which, of course, doesn’t need a replacement liner every few years –– provides excellent value for money and is a popular choice for many of our customers.

Why use a current pool?

A Fastlane provides a current in your swimming pool for you to swim against. The hydraulic pump system produces a wall of water that is perfectly smooth and free from bubbles. You set the pace to match your ability.
Endless Pools have developed the perfect current pool system that is easy to use. You will feel the same smooth current for the entire depth of your stroke, creating the perfect training environment. This innovative technology means that even very small pools can be transformed into serious exercise pools, so lack of space will not hinder your swimming.
Swimming in a current pool is very similar to swimming against the current in a river. It enables the you to swim continually and not be interrupted by turning. This allows for greater stamina, stroke correction, or simply more fun. When you use a current pool you are swimming on virtually the same spot for your entire session.

What do I need to know before investing in a swimming pool?

Here are a few of the questions you will need to ask yourself when you start your research:

  • How much space do I have?
  • How can I fill this space most effectively?
  • What will I be using my swimming pool for?
  • If I will just be using the pool for exercise, will friends and family want to use the pool for fun?
  • How many strokes will I be able to do in one length of the pool?
  • How much will adding a Fastlane increase the potential of my swimming pool?
  • How much time will I have for pool maintenance?
  • How much money will I have for ongoing pool costs?
  • Once I have invested in a pool, how long will it last for?
  • If I am investing in a pool, how important are the aesthetics?

Your own lap pool

fastlane lappool
Even the most serious of swimmers will see great benefits from having a Fastlane in their Compass swimming pool. You can set the speed of the current as fast as you like, so whether you are training for a long distance open water swim, or a sprint race you can use this system.
It is fair to say that most people do not have the space for their own Olympic-sized pool, resulting in regular and expensive trips to the leisure centre and the inconvenience of sharing lanes. That is why so many swimmers opt for a Fastlane in their own lap pool.
Professionals or serious amateurs may be tempted by the traditional lap pool design, in order to cut costs and to make the best use of space. However, realistically you will need a lap pool to be at least 25m long (half an Olympic pool) for it to be worthwhile. If your lap pool is much shorter than 25m then you will find that the amount of turns will greatly hinder your stamina and stroke technique.
At Compass Pools you can have your own bespoke lap pool that fits into the space you have available. Adding the Fastlane technology will create the effect of having a much larger pool. You will see massive improvements in your stamina as you continually swim against the current. You are able to set the speed however you wish, therefore your lap pool will be suitable for all types of training. You can go slow and work on perfecting your stroke, or fast to practise your sprints.
The smoothness of the current means that all the work you put in when you are using your own lap pool can be transferred seamlessly into the competition pool or open water.
By installing a Fastlane in a Compass Pool you also have the added benefits of being able to use training aids, such as fins, without the worry of accidentally damaging the pool liner. Compass Pools are exceptionally strong and easy to maintain. This means you won’t have any unplanned breaks in your training while you get you pool fixed.

Install an exercise pool to stay healthy

Not all of our happy customers are professional swimmers. Most simply use the Fastlane technology in their Compass Pool for exercise. The benefits of swimming are immense. Very few other sports allow you to work your entire body and build your cardiovascular fitness without impacting on your joints and tendons.
Swimming is also a very enjoyable form of exercise that is suitable for all ability levels. You don’t have to have the perfect technique or take it seriously in order to have an effective and pleasurable workout.
As lifestyles get busier and working hours get longer it is very hard to get enough exercise to keep healthy and feel good. Exercise can soon turn into a chore. However, your own fitness pool will change all of that. Using the Fastlane system by Endless Pools will increase your fitness without you even realising. You don’t have to swim fast or perfectly to have your own fitness pool, simply set the speed that you want to go and spend a short time each day swimming against the smooth current.
Choosing swimming as your form of exercise will also greatly reduce the risk of injuries and it is safe to do daily as it is such low-impact. Other forms of exercise, such as running, can lead to joint or tendon damage through continually pounding on a hard surface.
Fastlane technology will transform your leisure pool into a proper exercise pool. Even if your pool is small you will still be able to exercise and improve your health and fitness. Of course, you can still switch the current off for lazing around on hot summer days.

How a resistance pool can help with rehab

Having a current in a swimming pool is not just for those who want to improve their fitness or their swimming. The technology is also used successfully by those who are recovering from injury or illness.
Many forms of exercise are unsuitable for those wanting to regain strength and movement after an injury or illness. The fear or relapsing or doing further damage can be a real worry for many and a deterrent from starting a rehabilitation programme. Injuries such as tendon damage can have a long and frustrating recovery period, as putting weight on the damaged tendon, or subjecting it to knocks or irregular movements will only result in further damage, extending the recovery time.
By exercising in water, much of the body weight is supported and you avoid accidental fast or jerking movements, which can result in further damage. Exercises such as aqua jogging or aqua aerobics have long been popular for those who are recovering from an injury that will be damaged by conventional exercise, or those who are physically weak.
A resistance pool adds extra benefits to aqua exercise. Having an adjustable current means strength can slowly be built up as you walk or run against it. The current provides an opportunity for building up muscle strength that will give greater support to any injury.
The flexibility of the Fastlane technology in your Compass Pool means you can have the exact current to meet your needs. You can switch it off altogether as you warm up and increase the speed when you are ready.
If you are recovering from an illness or if your senior years mean standard exercise isn’t suitable for you, then a resistance pool can be both a fun and practical addition to your home. Having your body weight supported by the water ensures you can carry out effective exercise without undue exertion that could damage your health. You can change the speed of the current as you wish, allowing you to walk, jog and run against it, or carry out other forms of aerobics at different levels of difficulty.
By installing a Compass Pool you also have the option of using different equipment for your exercise. In a standard liner pool you have to be very careful about what you use in case anything damages the liner if it is dropped. Compass pools are strong and sturdy, allowing you to use whatever equipment you need.
Exercising in water allows you to safely increase your range of movement and flexibility and a resistance pool will allow you to build up your fitness and strength. This has obvious physical health benefits, but we also believe that our resistance pools can help you mentally as well. Exercise is a key factor for improving mental health and resistance pools are a very fun way to exercise that allow you to progress your physical rehab much sooner than conventional exercise, bringing positivity and hope into what can be a difficult time.

The luxury of a swim spa

If you take your relaxation as seriously as you take your exercise, then you may be considering a swim spa as an option for your home. Lounging in a hot tub is the perfect way to unwind at the end of a long day, whereas a swim spa also allows you to also get some exercise.
If you would like to find out more about swim spas, get in touch and we can talk you through the options to ensure you have the best product for your home and lifestyle.

Fitness pool experts

When you first consider having your own fitness pool there is a lot of information to take in. Choosing the right technology combined with the right pool is important, you don’t want to end up investing in something that is unsuitable.
At Compass Pools we have all the expertise that you need to make the right choice. We can help you find a pool that is both stylish and practical. If you will be using your pool just for serious training then we will find a lap pool that will fit the space you have.
However, if you want a pool both for fitness and leisure then we will ensure that you have one with the right technology to meet both those needs – and the aesthetics to make it a beautiful feature of your home.
Fastlane will provide all the fitness you need and Compass Pools will provide the style and finish to ensure your new pool has a real wow-factor. Get in touch today to request a brochure or have a no-obligations chat about your requirements.

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